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New Orleans

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Restore Louisiana Now: Harry Shearer interviews John Barry

"It’s a very simple case, a very simple case, and that is why they’re trying to kill it through the political process, because they are scared to death that if they go to court they will lose. And when you look at the statewide implications, potentially this is the biggest environmental lawsuit in the country’s history."

A followup to last year's interview of John Barry regarding the New Orleans East Bank levee board lawsuit. Podcast here; transcript below the fold. I actually got to hear someone say start building land. And the gold standard is a cypress tree. Read more about Restore Louisiana Now: Harry Shearer interviews John Barry

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Harry Shearer interviews Maria Garzino on Hurricane Isaac e-mail FOIAs. Uh oh.

August 2012. New Orleans. Hurricane Isaac. First real test of the $14 billion rebuilt flood protection system since Katrina. You have reporters from the New York Times and the Times-Picayune embedded in your control center, and you're getting reports of failures in your pumps, your gates, your water level gauges, and your electrical system. Water's rising and the public is watching. What do you do?

Answer: Turn the data off and tell the reporters everything's working fine.

You are the Army Corps of Engineers.

Read more about Harry Shearer interviews Maria Garzino on Hurricane Isaac e-mail FOIAs. Uh oh.

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Louisiana flood protection board sues Big Oil for wetlands loss: Harry Shearer interviews John Barry


On Le Show this past Sunday, Harry Shearer interviewed John Barry about Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority - East's lawsuit filed against 97 oil companies, using a 200-year-old Louisiana statute.

"The Louisiana legal tradition comes from the French and Spanish. It’s civil law as opposed to common law, which is the English tradition for the rest of the country. And there’s a provision that goes back to the Romans in civil law called 'servitude of drain,' and that provision – and it’s also in statute in Louisiana, has been for 200 years – says that one neighbor cannot send more water from their property onto someone else’s property, period. And by destroying the marsh, the oil industry clearly is sending more water, increased storm surge against our levees, than would otherwise be the case. And I think that’s a very, very powerful claim."


"There has been zero substantive attack on our position. No one has said we are wrong about the land loss and no one has denied the fact that the oil industry agreed in writing when they were given permits for nearly all of this work that they would fix it when they left."


"We want them to stop sending more water our way and either do what they already promised to do in written agreements when they got permits to dredge these canals, or pay us some money so we can build better flood protection."

Listen to the podcast here. Transcript below the fold. Read more about Louisiana flood protection board sues Big Oil for wetlands loss: Harry Shearer interviews John Barry

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Do Mary Landrieu and Diaper Dave care about this?

Life Span Of African-Americans In New Orleans Rivals North Korea's

The average life span for African-Americans living in New Orleans is nearly as low as average life expectancy in North Korea, according to A Portrait Of Louisiana, a new report from The American Human Development Project which examines life in the state four years after Hurricane Katrina.

The forgotten people of the forgotten city of New Orleans

Glen Ford at BAR reminds us that the only "change" coming to New Orleans under "our" new President is the erasure of poor black people from the city's future.

Not a single one of 500 planned “Katrina cottages” has been made ready for occupancy. Elderly people squat in abandoned buildings. There are no credible plans to repair or create an infrastructure that could accommodate the poor who still remain, much less the New Orleans diaspora, scattered to the four winds three and a half years ago.

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Harry Shearer harshes the mellow

Bush to New Orleans: Go die

Naturally. New Orleans is--was--a black, Democratic, city. Three strikes. Reason enough to write them off. (Not that you're next, no no no no.) WaPo: Read more about Bush to New Orleans: Go die

Republican urban planning after Katrina

Always remember that the Republicans want to drown government in the bathtub, which is why they can't govern.

And in New Orleans, we can see what happens when Republicans get their way, and drown a whole city.

Republicans didn't protect NOLA before Katrina, they let NOLA drown during Katrina, and even now that they've turned NOLA red by leaving the Ninth Ward to rot, they're still screwing it up. AP: Read more about Republican urban planning after Katrina

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