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Analyzing the Teachout vote

Teachout carried the whole of the Hudson river valley. This was the anti-facking vote. Clearly that issue resonated. Howie Hawkins needs to take note. Read more about Analyzing the Teachout vote

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Turnout for Teachout and Wu


Unlike some I still have a thin shred of hope in the power of the ballot because I don't think people are stupid as a whole, just slow to learn and easily influenced.

We've had 40 years at least to prove that neo-liberal, trickle-down, perfect market economics do not work. They have demonstrated failure in tangible ways that show up at your dinner table every day as you CCPI substitute pet food for people food and wear out your cheap off shored rags in weeks and not years. Your quality of life is declining and it's harder to disguise.

This is not the inevitable increase of entropy, it's the result of management decisions made by our government to enrich our elites at the expense of everyone else.

Fortunately conditions like this do not persist. Whenever there are too many of us and not enough of them there is a revolution. The propaganda becomes repetitive and unbelievable, the cognitive dissonance too much to overcome.

You are not alone. Millions of people see the same things you do, think the same things you think. Including the elites, that's why they are worried and are investing so heavily in more propaganda and more coercive tools for the suppression of mass sentiment. Submit to the charms of illusion or the iron boot of oppression, it matters not as long as you submit.

But ultimately they are dependent on your voluntary submission. They make the calculation that they can distract you with bright and shiny objects or so disillusion you that apathy seems rebellion.

My cynicism is dark and deep, but not that deep. Nope, I'm actually an optimistic sort of guy- not that it does any good.

I think that politicians, who remain at least nominally subject to a process of public approval, and pundits/media news people, who are more directly and immediately dependent on their audience, are open to influence from the populace and ignore it at their peril.

Ways to show that are by showing up at the polls and voting Third Party, changing your registration to a Third Party, or by voting for Third Party candidates like Teachout and Wu in major party primaries. If nothing else you can make Chuck Todd's head explode which is always fun.

I approach this incrementally and pragmatically. If we continue to vote for the lesser of two evils, it is still evil. If the current conditions persist more radical solutions than mine will gain urgency.

If I seem like a centrist, I AM! My beliefs are rooted in the core of New Deal Democracy and Keynesian Economics. It is Andrew Cuomo and his corrupt crony capitalism and double dealing 'bi-partisanship' that prop up the corpse of the New York Republican Party as a Boogieman too scary to dare deserting a Democratic Party that has abandoned every principle and promise.

I am not afraid.

I'd prefer that it not come to pitchforks and torches because I'm more comfortable not being poked and fire has a disturbing tendency to spread beyond your magical circle of intent, but you use the tools you have and if you doubt their efficacy in a modern environment I invite a closer study of recent developments where overwhelming power has not produced the desired results. Humans are a recalcitrant and obstinate lot.

Should you live and vote in New York as a registered Democrat I invite you today to take positive action and indicate your disapproval of Andrew Cuomo and Kathy Hochul.

Vote for Zephyr Teachout and Tim Wu.

It is really the very least you can do. Read more about Turnout for Teachout and Wu

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Howie Hawkins campaigning in Binghamton New York

Meet Green Party gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins

"The value is we bring new issues to the table and we can win this," said Hawkins. "Jesse Ventura won in Minnesota. He started at 5 percent and he ended up winning in 1998. I'm at 6 percent now and we got a long way to go,"

The most remarkable thing about this is that the press is covering him. Things are beginning to shift. Read more about Howie Hawkins campaigning in Binghamton New York

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Any New Yorkers in the house? Any insight you can offer?

Many New York Democrats Plan To Hold Their Noses When They Vote For Cuomo In November-- Or Will They?

I'm not going to get into speculating about what the Working Families Party may or may not do, beyond saying that with the union leadership telling them they;re on their own, they probably won't do much.

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Rally to ban fracking in New York state

Rally to Ban Fracking at Cuomo’s State of the State!

Green Party goes to Albany! Join the Green Party and thousands of other activists in Albany to tell Governor Cuomo and other state legislators to BAN FRACKING. The rally begins at 11:30 AM on the middle of the concourse at the Empire State Plaza. It will be before the Governor delivers his official State of the State address.

Readers, if any of you are able to go to this, please post about your experiences. Read more about Rally to ban fracking in New York state

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Chris Hoeppner

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Visible lefties: Solidarity rallies


Workers Defend Their Rights in Wisconsin & Ohio

No on SB-5 Rally, Medina, Ohio

SN5 Rally Youngstown Ohio

SB5 Rally Youngstown Ohio 3/30/2011

Senate Bill 5 Rally

Anti-SB5 Anthem: Come on Kasich, Don't sell us out!

AFSCME Ohio United We Stand

Mike Williams Ellet Town Hall Meeting Pt 2of2

Ohio Statehouse SB5 final protest/vote Read more about Visible lefties: Solidarity rallies

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NY NARAL fraud

If you live in NY and donated to NARAL, this is where your money went. Read more about NY NARAL fraud

Open Letter to NY Governor Andrew Cuomo from Green Party's Howie Hawkins


An Open Letter to Andrew Cuomo from Howie Hawkins via email:

December 30, 2010

Dear Governor Cuomo,

Congratulations on your election.

During our recent Gubernatorial contest, we emphasized different approaches as to how best restore the state's fiscal health and to reduce the onerous impact of local property taxes. But as you prepare to start your administration, it is critical that the long term needs of our state take priority over the political rhetoric that dominates election campaigns.

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The Horror of War on Stage

By David Swanson

"Prophecy" is the title of a new play by Karen Malpede, and I'm here to attempt the unamerican task of telling you to see it without telling you it's a comedy. In fact, I'm going to confess that I had to take a break from it and recover before I could write about it. I felt like I'd taken a blow with an enormous sledge hammer, even though I knew that a whole orchestra of smaller instruments had produced what I was feeling.

It was not a bad feeling, not an undesirable feeling. The play is a thing of beauty, and not all beauty fits into that Hollywood sensation of wouldn't-such-a-thing-be-sweet-but-I-bet-they're-divorced-in-a-year-and-I-shouldn't-have-had-that-last-gallon-of-coke. Read more about The Horror of War on Stage


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