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In praise of local TV news

Local stations have a sometimes well-deserved reputation for not delivering hard news, but they are producing some fine journalism on fracking.

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The Biggest Threat To Newspapers is Newspapers

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An Interesting Take on the Newspaper Business

It has gotten to the point where Mr. A takes away the sharp objects at the table when someone brings up "the terrible times facing newspapers these days" or "isn't it just awful how no one reads anymore." Newspapers make plenty of money. PLENTY of money. They are wildly successful businesses. If you or I owned them we'd be jumping for joy.

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Giving Up The Third Habit

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Everything Is Just Really, Really Awful

Okay, so I go out to get the morning paper, only there is no morning paper because I only get the paper delivered Thursday through Sunday. So that just sucks for two obvious reasons: I don't know what day it is and even if I did there would still be no paper. This is awful is what I thought as I stood outside, pretending to pick weeds because my neighbor across the street saw me and what was I going to do? Read below the fold...

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