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NPR: Since we can't fire her, we might drop distribution


UPDATE: About NPR, Soundprint, WDAV, and Lisa Simeone

Opera lovers take note, this is not over. NPR will continue the pressure, six weeks from now, please let both NPR and your local affiliate know how much you appreciate Simeone's work.

Protest Role Does Not Cost Public Radio Host Her Job On Opera Program

WDAV General Manager Scott Nolan said he is working with NPR to resolve the problem but noted that his station's mission differs from that of NPR News.

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Call for Solidarity: NPR gets demonstrator fired


NPR Gets Radio Host Fired for Occupying

National Public Radio on Wednesday discovered that a woman named Lisa Simeone who produced hosted a show about opera called "World of Opera" had been participating in a nonviolent occupation of Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C., organized by That same day, NPR persuaded a company for which Simeone worked to fire her, cutting her income in half and purging from the so-called public airwaves a voice that had never mentioned politics on NPR.

This frantic email was sent to all NPR staff:

From:NPR Communications

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NPR's Ron Elving - Preacher for the Wealthy and Privileged

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NPR Minimizes Torture Again

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NPR Runs PR for BP

[cross-posted at NPR Check]

On Thursday morning NPR ran a piece about BP and the oil spill which asserted that the only real problem for BP - related to last year's oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico - was how it handled its public relations. Read more about NPR Runs PR for BP

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NPR Shows How to Launch a War


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With the cruise missile attacks and subsequent airstrikes in Libya, the US is now in it's third active war in a Muslim country (and second in a oil rich nation), and I listened to all of NPR's programming from Saturday's All Things Considered - which was packaged as "special coverage of the military situation in Libya" - and then Sunday morning's Weekend Edition.

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NPR, It's Just Not That Into You

I posted this to NPR Check a few weeks ago and given the continued debate about public broadcasting, I thought I'd repost it here.

Many progressive and liberal activists have probably received emails from and exhorting them to, respectively "Sign the petition to save NPR and PBS" and "Sign our letter now and urge your member of Congress not to play politics with public media." Read more about NPR, It's Just Not That Into You

Because It's So Easy


That's the answer. The question is why do I kick around firedoglake? It appears they have a new plan:

When Craig Newmark of Craigslist predicted last October that NPR would be a “dominant force” in news in ten years because of its membership model, a lot of people were surprised. But behind the scenes at FDL, we had collectively come to the same conclusion

So their business plan is to go the membership route. This might have merit if fdl can produce a good enough product that a sufficiently large membership is willing to support financially. Read more about Because It's So Easy

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What is money?

[Welcome, Crooks and Liars readers! -- lambert]

In case anyone might interested, This week's This American Life: "The Invention of Money".

The nature of money is clearly important to any discussion about national debt, so I thought some here might appreciate the link, given recent blog posts. However, my personal interest in the topic is rooted in what should we, as individuals, do with savings. Leave it in currency form, or use it on skill development, property, a part-time business, livestock--something more substantial than currency? Read more about What is money?

Fed admits: Money is a spreadsheet

[Welcome, Naked Capitalism readers! Welcome, Dealbook readers! --lambert]

NPR has a fluff piece from "All Thing Considered" [sic] on how two Flunkies For The Masters Of The Universe saved the world ZOMG!!! which includes this gem, hidden in plain sight: Read more about Fed admits: Money is a spreadsheet

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NPR's Ombudsman Craps on Howard Zinn's Legacy

[cross posted at NPR Check]

I had to post on the Ombudsman's repulsive write-up on NPR's Howard Zinn slander. Alicia Shepard's words pretty much speak for themselves so here they are in order of appearance: Read more about NPR's Ombudsman Craps on Howard Zinn's Legacy

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NPR Smears Howard Zinn

[Welcome, C&L readers! And please consider returning tomorrow, Thursday, Feb. 4, 1:00PM EST, for a live blog with Dr. Margaret Flowers of PNHP, member of the Baucus 8, who's been practicing civil disobedience for single payer. -- lambert]

[UPDATE Since Dr. Flowers will be taping a show with Bill Moyers at the previously scheduled time, we're rescheduling, hopefully to this weekend. --lambert] Read more about NPR Smears Howard Zinn


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