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Deceit in progress


Check out Obama's new online ad.

Obama’s denial of Keystone XL tar sands pipeline permit was an easy decision, for now

While the current Keystone XL permit application is dead, the pipeline might not be. The administration will allow TransCanada to reapply for a permit after it develops an alternate route around the Nebraska Sandhills, a sensitive habitat.

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How To Turn Off The Burner Boiling Up War With Iran?

Tonight on the NewsHour I watched Dennis Ross (former administration Mideast adviser) with a straight-face assert that we very well may be “sliding into war with Iran” -- actually, being FORCED into such a scenario -- because of Iran’s threat of nuclear enrichment.

Only let’s bottom-line it. “Iran’s NON-EXISTENT bomb” is the non-justification justification for a strike against Iran that would set off a deadly conflagration of God knows what intended and unintended U.S. and Israel imperialistic profits-over-who-gives-a-shit-how-many-dead-or-maimed-or-displaced-people consequences!

Non-existent weapon of mass destruction? Has a familiar ring to it, nes pa? Read below the fold...

Media as Front End of War Machine & ‘Casus Belli’ for War w/ Iran as Deja Vu Bullshit

David Swanson writes in "The U.S. Drive to Attack Iran - and the Urgent Need to Resist":

At we've been collecting the arguments for and against attacking Iran for years. We've campaigned against an attack, but never been able to claim a success, because decisions not to launch wars are never announced, because those pushing for wars never give up, and because those believing what their government tells them think the Pentagon never campaigns for wars but is forced into them defensively on short notice by attacks from evildoers.

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US's Global Chess Game w/ China: Next Monstrous Move, Iran

Obama is playing a long (but not necessarily slow) game of global proxy profiteering-chess-for-oligarchs with China. The next opposing pawn to fall will be Iran.

This is what Peter Symonds has to say in wsws:

US preparations for a war against Iran are not directed at stopping the country’s alleged nuclear weapons program, but at furthering Washington’s hegemony over the strategic, energy-rich regions of the Middle East and Central Asia. The US has not abandoned the aim that drove the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq: to exercise control over the oil and gas supplies of its European and Asian rivals.

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America’s Bloody Clipboard: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Now Iran

A pending war with Iran has a lot to do with US unholy imperialism as well as the US’s unhealthy (INSANE) codependency with the leadership of Israel. Read below the fold...

Tch Tch! Neo-Libs, -Cons, Corporate Cronies Still Can’t Conquer ‘Power/Profit Puppet Haven’ Iraq

The "War on Terror"?

Does anyone across the globe, even Americans, not know in their heart of hearts (granted as molecular as that place seems to be for most Americans) what a MURDEROUS (GENOCIDAL) SCAM FOR PROFITEERING the US-declared ‘War on Terror’ was and continues to be?

The US administration and those bipartisan marriage-made-in-hell partners of neoliberals and neocons (h/t to Obama for that bipartisanship he can believe in) are now lamely declaring victory about Iraq.

The ever-obliging, bottom-feeding media, glue to the American government’s amoral status-quo bullshitting and fascistic matrix, is sentimentalizing it. A faux-Hallmark moment defying the ever-blaring American sirens of cognitive dissonance. Read below the fold...

Will I Spend My Retirement in a DHS Internment Facility?

‘Twas the week before extra-constitutional detention legalization and all through the House and Senate, hardly a rat-bastard, pimped-out-by-the-oligarchy, political or media creature was stirring, not even my own NY senators and rep!

I am away on vacation, despite remnants of the flu, lower back stress and a job that is thin-ice, one part-time day at a time precarious. I desperately needed a vacation since this bottom rung corporate job is as empathyless-ly and amorally run as our country. I am happy at long last to be around long-distance family. Nonetheless I am having fitful dreams along with bouts of insomnia about the deterioration of what used to be the American republic. Read below the fold...

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Occupy Des Moines at Obama HQ

Barbara Quintiliano and Andy Worthington on Gitmo: "The Citadel of Shame" (re-post)

This is a re-post from 1-10-11. Almost a year ago. With the ever-increassing militarization of our government Gitmo as of this month has become all the more profoundly entrenched and revitalized. Conveniently useful now for internment of our own most heroic citizens of conscience who can (and will) be declared "belligerent" on the "say so" of someone in the administration and then efficiently and unconstitutionally (but that doesn't matter to the President and the vast majority of Congress) "disappeared" there (or elsewhere) forever without right and access to legal support and protection.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Read below the fold...

Lesser of Two Evils, Barack Obama or Ron Paul? Ron Paul.

I know, I know.

I am not saying Ron Paul is my idea of an ideal American President. FAR from it.

But doing an inventory of Obama and Paul as to who is the lesser of two evils? Paul wins.

Anti-abortion. Anti-universal health care. Anti-gay rights. Anti-social security. Anti-welfare. Pro-guns. Pro-capital punishment, etc., etc. I don’t like -- no, I HATE -- these stances of Paul. Since I have just begun researching him, there may be a lot more that genuinely will repel me.

And yet again I declare in measuring Obama to Paul in terms of lesser of two evils-ness, Paul wins. Read below the fold...

Bill Quigley on the Obama Civil Liberties “F” Report Card

Bill Quigley has taken a hard and well-researched look at Obama’s continuation and escalation of what Quigley terms the “draconian domestic civil liberties intrusions pioneered under the Bush administration” (involving freedoms of speech, of assembly of association, to privacy, to a fair trial, of religion, etc.).

Quigley's article is a strong rejoinder to so much of the myopic, Obamacrat hype about Obama being the lesser of two evils. He only appears to be the lesser of two evils in the hypocritical talk Obama talks and guaranteed will be talking much more of in his ever-intensifying “Lucy and the football” campaign mode. Read below the fold...

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The Obama Primary Challenge That Is's news editor, Steve Kornacki, lamented yesterday that "Obama won’t face a credible primary challenge", going on about how the closest thing to a liberal challenge he has comes from Republican candidate Buddy Roemer. While it is true that many liberals aren't seeing any "viable" candidates materialize on the left, Kornacki isn't telling us why that is: the failure of supposedly liberal pundits to report on candidates who are actually running. Read below the fold...

Obama Scandals List at 300


Just a quick note that my Obama Scandals list hit 300 today. There are a few scandals I never got around to writing up like the jail term deChristopher got for his disruption of an oil lease auction. Contrast that with the hoops Justice Department lawyers went through to try to keep the scudsy Bush-era Scott Bloch from serving any time (item 244). I also never got around to finishing Obama's deficit reduction plan and the Cat Food Commission II. But still a lot of material to remind you of just how bad Obama and our politics are.

Here's the table of contents:

1. Reneged on pledge to filibuster FISA Amendments Act (July 2008)
2. Lobbied for $700 billion Paulson TARP bank bailout Read below the fold...

A Matter of Trust: Why Don't Democratic Leaders Believe in Democracy?

(from )

an open letter to President Barack Obama
from his Primary Challenger, Aldous C. Tyler

Greetings, Mr. President,

When I consider where this nation was four years ago, I can’t help but shake my head and smile at how things have actually turned out. At this point back then, the only real question in Presidential politics seemed to be who would get the Republican nomination for President to run against Hillary Clinton, who was assumed to be predestined for the Democratic nomination. Those of us who even knew of you, sir, had no real hope of getting you past the Clinton election machine, it seemed. Read below the fold...


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