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Obama's SOTU: Military Mayhem & 3d-Wrld US Job/Wage Bullshit


Barry Grey of wsws has the grimmest but most reality-based analysis of Obama’s Tuesday night State of the Union message.


The speech was actually one of the most reactionary State of the Union addresses ever delivered. Obama placed his “blueprint” for the US economy within the framework of a chilling celebration of the American military and its criminal activities around the world. Among the achievements he cited were the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and the bombing of Libya and murder of Gaddafi. He spoke with particular pride of the extra-legal drone assassinations in Africa and the Middle East and concluded with a paean to the Navy SEALs who murdered Osama bin Laden.

Once Again Big Media Is Manufacturing OUR Consent for War

Robert Parry in “Herding Americans to War with Iran” puts it this way:

For many Americans the progression toward war with Iran has the feel of cattle being herded from the stockyard into the slaughterhouse, pressed steadily forward with no turning back, until some guy shoots a bolt into your head.

Any suggestion of give-and-take negotiations with Iran is mocked, while alarmist propaganda, a ratcheting up of sanctions, and provocative actions – like Wednesday’s assassination of yet another Iranian scientist – push Americans closer to what seems like an inevitable bloodletting.

Obama's Heroic 'Jay-Sock' Forces OR the US's Murderous SS?

RE-POST from 5/11/11

[Hugh's Obama's Scandals List]

What is JSOC? Joint Special Operations Command.

I got that it was some kind of secret U.S. SWAT-team-like paramilitary program, ever growing and being unleashed onto scores of nations. I can't begin to imagine the breathtaking “black budget” it must suck up both crippling the welfare of the US citizenry and enabling it to wreak horror among non-US populations.

JSOC. Frontline addressed JSOC somewhat tonight about capture/kill operations in Afghanistan but not critically enough by a long shot. (Is it me or is Frontline getting more and more “careful” in its explorations?) I decided to do some fast googling. Read more about Obama's Heroic 'Jay-Sock' Forces OR the US's Murderous SS?

Robert Prasch on Obama's SOTU address

Robert Prasch has what I think is a pretty good piece on Obama's SOTU address over at Translation Exercises, if anyone wants to mosey on over there. I am not at all familiar with Robert Prasch, so I would welcome the reaction of Correntians who are well-versed in economics to his work. Read more about Robert Prasch on Obama's SOTU address

Obama's Ongoing Kill-the-Liberal, Anti-Social Justice Agenda

RE-POST from 1-26-10

This view from outside Obamaworld is that Obama is a corrupt community organizer. That is, he is a corrupt organizer of a corrupt and profoundly wounded national community. The lack of protection by and sense of responsibility, an "ability to respond", of an amoral "legacy" leadership, now Obama, is dooming what is left of our democracy and our collective and individual security. Read more about Obama's Ongoing Kill-the-Liberal, Anti-Social Justice Agenda

Faux-Jobs-Summit 6-13-11: Obama HEARTS Corporate CEOs


RE-POST from 6/19/11

Barry Grey’s “Obama promotes corporate profits in the name of job creation” is a depressing update on Obama’s recent Durham, North Carolina meeting with his “Jobs and Competitiveness Council.” The money paragraph:

The reality is that corporate America, with the support of the government, is using mass unemployment as a bludgeon to drive down wages, destroy working conditions and force workers to accept poverty wages and sweatshop conditions. The same process is unfolding internationally, as the bourgeoisie utilizes the crisis of its own making to destroy social gains won by the working class over more than a century of struggle.

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Tweet of the day

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Deceit in progress


Check out Obama's new online ad.

Obama’s denial of Keystone XL tar sands pipeline permit was an easy decision, for now

While the current Keystone XL permit application is dead, the pipeline might not be. The administration will allow TransCanada to reapply for a permit after it develops an alternate route around the Nebraska Sandhills, a sensitive habitat.

How To Turn Off The Burner Boiling Up War With Iran?

Tonight on the NewsHour I watched Dennis Ross (former administration Mideast adviser) with a straight-face assert that we very well may be “sliding into war with Iran” -- actually, being FORCED into such a scenario -- because of Iran’s threat of nuclear enrichment.

Only let’s bottom-line it. “Iran’s NON-EXISTENT bomb” is the non-justification justification for a strike against Iran that would set off a deadly conflagration of God knows what intended and unintended U.S. and Israel imperialistic profits-over-who-gives-a-shit-how-many-dead-or-maimed-or-displaced-people consequences!

Non-existent weapon of mass destruction? Has a familiar ring to it, nes pa? Read more about How To Turn Off The Burner Boiling Up War With Iran?

Media as Front End of War Machine & ‘Casus Belli’ for War w/ Iran as Deja Vu Bullshit

David Swanson writes in "The U.S. Drive to Attack Iran - and the Urgent Need to Resist":

At we've been collecting the arguments for and against attacking Iran for years. We've campaigned against an attack, but never been able to claim a success, because decisions not to launch wars are never announced, because those pushing for wars never give up, and because those believing what their government tells them think the Pentagon never campaigns for wars but is forced into them defensively on short notice by attacks from evildoers.

US's Global Chess Game w/ China: Next Monstrous Move, Iran

Obama is playing a long (but not necessarily slow) game of global proxy profiteering-chess-for-oligarchs with China. The next opposing pawn to fall will be Iran.

This is what Peter Symonds has to say in wsws:

US preparations for a war against Iran are not directed at stopping the country’s alleged nuclear weapons program, but at furthering Washington’s hegemony over the strategic, energy-rich regions of the Middle East and Central Asia. The US has not abandoned the aim that drove the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq: to exercise control over the oil and gas supplies of its European and Asian rivals.

America’s Bloody Clipboard: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Now Iran

A pending war with Iran has a lot to do with US unholy imperialism as well as the US’s unhealthy (INSANE) codependency with the leadership of Israel. Read more about America’s Bloody Clipboard: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Now Iran

Tch Tch! Neo-Libs, -Cons, Corporate Cronies Still Can’t Conquer ‘Power/Profit Puppet Haven’ Iraq

The "War on Terror"?

Does anyone across the globe, even Americans, not know in their heart of hearts (granted as molecular as that place seems to be for most Americans) what a MURDEROUS (GENOCIDAL) SCAM FOR PROFITEERING the US-declared ‘War on Terror’ was and continues to be?

The US administration and those bipartisan marriage-made-in-hell partners of neoliberals and neocons (h/t to Obama for that bipartisanship he can believe in) are now lamely declaring victory about Iraq.

The ever-obliging, bottom-feeding media, glue to the American government’s amoral status-quo bullshitting and fascistic matrix, is sentimentalizing it. A faux-Hallmark moment defying the ever-blaring American sirens of cognitive dissonance. Read more about Tch Tch! Neo-Libs, -Cons, Corporate Cronies Still Can’t Conquer ‘Power/Profit Puppet Haven’ Iraq

Will I Spend My Retirement in a DHS Internment Facility?

‘Twas the week before extra-constitutional detention legalization and all through the House and Senate, hardly a rat-bastard, pimped-out-by-the-oligarchy, political or media creature was stirring, not even my own NY senators and rep!

I am away on vacation, despite remnants of the flu, lower back stress and a job that is thin-ice, one part-time day at a time precarious. I desperately needed a vacation since this bottom rung corporate job is as empathyless-ly and amorally run as our country. I am happy at long last to be around long-distance family. Nonetheless I am having fitful dreams along with bouts of insomnia about the deterioration of what used to be the American republic. Read more about Will I Spend My Retirement in a DHS Internment Facility?


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