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Obama Slides On Progressive Mask for 2012 As “Bargaining Phase” Dems Prove Stuck Still in 5 Stages of Grief


(572 Obama-dumping days until 2012 election-Hugh's Obama's Scandals List)

My Green Party friend, Daniel, encouraged me to write a blog about Obama’s budget speech for his website. I gulped. Just as with W, sustained Obama viewing makes me nauseous.

Except for a few enraging excerpts of the speech I glimpsed, provided by gaga MSNBC anchors, I thought I had escaped having to endure this particular pile of Obama say-anything bullshit. But I made myself sit down and listen to it on youtube last night. Every last, saccharine, mendacious word of it. Read below the fold...

The American People Have No Allies In Washington, DC


(579 Obama-dumping days until 2012 election-Hugh's Obama's Scandals List)

There is little empathy, integrity and legality in Washington, DC
Members of both parties are pimped out by their corporate backers. The sell-out began long ago but it is truly merciless today, no longer covert, and the momentum of this ravaging of ordinary Americans absolutely breathtaking.

Now this week, we, the victims, are watching the craven, media-titillated political gamesmanship about a shut down when the shark was jumped long ago by all of them, heartless Republicans and heartless and hypocritical Democrats. Read below the fold...

MY SHOCK & AWE: Morning Joe’s Cuppa Brainwashing Bloodlust & Banality on Libya

(585 Obama-dumping days until 2012 election-Hugh's Obama's Scandals List)

I must object. Must write out my horror and anger about the callous and cavalier ... I can’t call it a discussion ... “orgy of banter”, maybe, I witnessed yesterday morning on MSNBC’s edition of Morning Joe.

My alternate title for this piece is, “Morning Joe, Ringside at the Coliseum with the Thumbs-downers”.

The topic was Libya, and to me their chorus cried, “WAR, WAR, WAR” under the pretext of examining what is happening in Libya. HAH! Read below the fold...

The Libyan Fiasco: "Neo-Colonialism with a Facelift" says Pepe Escobar

(586 Obama-dumping days until 2012 election-Hugh's Obama's Scandals List)

Pepe Escobar of Asia Times has been analyzing closely the Libyan War or, as he corrects himself per the White House, a "time-limited, scope-limited military action.”

On the Libyan Rebels' Military Commander:

And what about the INC's new military commander, Khalifa Hifter - a former Libyan army colonel who spent nearly 20 years in Vienna, Virginia, not far from the Central Intelligence Agency in Langley? Progressives will love to learn that the romantic "rebels" are now led by a CIA asset.

On the Rebel Coalition: Read below the fold...

Obama Announces He’s King of the World!


(588 Obama-dumping days until 2012 election-Hugh's Obama's Scandals List)

So what does it matter that the Obama administration really doesn’t seem to clearly know who it has already committed $550 million to the first week in Libya, along with committing the lives of American troops and any civilians it will eagerly deny it has killed.

So what that even Ted Koppell on Meet the Press this past Sunday mentioned the question about friends of al Qaeda being mixed in with the rebels of Eastern Libya.

Picky picky picky. Read below the fold...

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Susie asks a question


Susie on the Libya blogger call

“We sell massive amounts of arms to repressive regimes in the Middle East, and now in Libya, we’re using our arms to stop them from using their arms against their own people,” I said. “Wouldn’t it make more sense not to sell arms to repressive regimes in the first place?”

She is the new Helen Thomas. So when is she going to be on the Colbert Report? Read below the fold...

Soul-Dead President Walking (589 Obama-dumping days until 2012 election)

(589 Obama-dumping days left until 2012 election, Hugh's Obama's Scandals List)

Obama is a political gamesman. He lied his way into power.

Now he is determined to do and say anything to ensure a second term in 2012. That is his priority. His focus. His limited character.

Human needs and rights of others? Not so important. Read below the fold...

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It is Immoral Not to Challenge Obama and the Democrats in 2012

I seem to recall that someone, late last month, posted an entry arguing that it is immoral for Democrats not to run a primary challenge against Barry Obama in 2012, in light of the things he's done to institutionalize Bush-Cheney crimes. (Glenn Greenwald chronicled the latest violation of the Constitution by Obama on his own blog, which you can read here). Read below the fold...

Death Blow to US Constitution as Obama, NOT Congress, Declares War in Libya

"And we can't stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people there will be no mercy ..." so sayeth Obama, unless, he did not add out loud, said tyrant is one of our many "friend-to-America" tyrants, and that is OKAY apparently to Mr. Peace Prize who campaigned on changing the Bush slippery slope of executive office abuse and war criminality.

Once again, "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!" as Chicken Little declared, as well as Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Lieberman, McCain, et al. and all their corporate media buddies. Read below the fold...

American Realpolitik: “US Interests” Do Not Include Human Welfare

Listening to Morally Myopic Obama tonight on the NewsHour giving the old "razzle dazzle," now talking about wanting to send a CLEAR message about the violence and potential further violence in Libya, I felt nauseous. Clear message? Maybe pseudo-clear message to America’s ostrich citizenry. Certainly not to the Arab world that has seen the craven and massive violence that US, Israel, and western power interference entails and has entailed. The cost of millions in death, maiming and/or displacement. Obama's concern about a “bloody” situation? Drone-happy Obama is concerned about blood being shed? Okay. Maybe he does care about the sight of blood, and that is why he prefers horrifying weapons of instant incineration? That is my bitter take. Read below the fold...

Freeze & Starve, Citizens! Monster $719 Billion Military Budget from Political Soft on Terror Paranoia & Violent Imperialism


Sherwood Ross in an article entitled “US Endless-War Budget Rolls On” cites the Chalmers Johnson observation that the Pentagon is “close to being beyond civilian control.” I think it is time to remove the word “close” from that chilling conclusion. Ross certainly makes the case, as he parallels the insanely burgeoning and politically uncontested military budget to the horrifying economic quicksand into which the majority of citizens are sinking: Read below the fold...

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Obama and Harry Reid EPIC FAIL

The only reason we are talking about a government shutdown is that the US Senate FAILED to do its job. Last year the House of Representatives passed all the appropriation bills. The senate has failed to do so. With an overwhelming majority, Harry Reid was unable to complete the simple task of passing the appropriation bills. They should have been passed by June 30. At least they should have been passed by October 1, the beginning of the new fiscal year. We are now running on continuing resolutions. Read below the fold...

Shameless Obama Savages Poor & Working Classes With A Reagan Budget -- More Nightmarish Consistency c/o Inside Man for Oligarchs


[Welcome, Roseanne World readers! --lambert]

I want to share the optimism lifting so many for the Egyptians and of the Egyptians, but I keep picturing the euphoria of millions of Americans after the Obama election and I want to warn the Egyptians to stay vigilant and wary of charismatic, say-anything inside men for the oligarchs. Can the Egyptians possibly begin to institute the kind of democracy we Americans seem to have lost?

Obama has hit a new low with the present budget. I keep thinking I am beyond astonishment at him, but alas, he keeps on delivering the hits, farther and farther below the belt. Read below the fold...


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