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The Schizophrenic/Psychopathic Overlords of America

Vestiges of widespread mental illness abound.

So writes Dr. Brian Moench in “Schizophrenics, Psychopaths Holding America Hostage”. In fact, he prefaces that statement with:

I've been struck by how large portions of the country are mired in schizophrenic distortions of reality and how prominent business leaders and politicians overtly display personality traits common to psychopaths. Vestiges of widespread mental illness abound.

Read below the fold...

Robert Prasch on Obama's SOTU address

Robert Prasch has what I think is a pretty good piece on Obama's SOTU address over at Translation Exercises, if anyone wants to mosey on over there. I am not at all familiar with Robert Prasch, so I would welcome the reaction of Correntians who are well-versed in economics to his work. Read below the fold...

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What Really Happens in a Government Shutdown

Don't worry -- the president and members of Congress will still get paid!! But that's the end of the good news, says New Deal 2.0. Read below the fold...

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The constituent as client

For better or for worse, we live in a world in which most "democratic" political systems are constructed on a basis of hierarchical tiers of representation. The higher the tier one reaches, the more one can accomplish. This effectively means that being a politician is a career. We do not live in the world in which leadership and representation is a duty one takes reluctantly, for maybe a year or two in addition to one's other life activities. I wish we did, but we don't. Read below the fold...

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Kos on Obama on Fox News Sunday


Kos put up a diary today,, where he laments about his candidate's performance on Fox News Sunday.

Sorry Kos, you can only go to the primaries with the Obama you have, rather than the one you wished you had. Read below the fold...

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Don't Trust Them As Far As You Can Throw Them

Hey! Anybody got a guitar?

Don't Trust Them As Far As You Can Throw Them

The candidates are on the TV pleading
for a chance to get my allegiance and my vote
they try to tell me why they are the only guy
or girl who has the stuff to bring me hope

They offer inspiration and a vision
just what that vision is ain't always clear
with analogies and metaphors abundant
you'd think they were an ale and not light beer Read below the fold...

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