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Like the McCarthy era, except for everything

Jonathan Chait has been making parallels between the current discussion on race and the red baiting of the 50s. To say the least, it's an inapt comparison.

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Income, Poverty, and Healthcare 2012: The Patient Did Not Get Worse But Remains Seriously Ill

The Census Report “Income, Poverty, and Healthcare” covering the year 2012 came out on Tuesday. Overall, the picture was little changed from 2011, which is to say that the recovery which did not happen for most Americans in 2011 continued not to happen for them in 2012. The situation for women remained poor. (All amounts are expressed in 2012 dollars. Incomes and earnings are pre-tax.)

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Paul Street: ‘Obama’s Resume of Betrayal’


Paul Street in “Power Served, Millions Betrayed” presents the reality of Obama’s conservative neoliberal ideology and takes on the personality-cultish, propaganda-spun good will so many progressives still cling to regarding Obama:

There is, of course, one group of Americans who have clearly not been thrown under the bus by Barack Obama: the very predominantly white corporate and financial elite.

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Race and standing in the Occupy movement

One of the themes that has developed during the Occupy movement has been the involvement (or lack thereof) of people of color. Chris Hedges described the suspicion among some in the minority community this way:
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Gentrification, this is not a parody


14th St, NW, Wash., DC

I snapped this on the way to work today on 14th and P NW DC. It is the window lettering of Bob Gold Mitchell Williams which is some bourgeoisie furniture store. It speaks volumes for the transition of 14th Street in this decade.

Yeah, it is about slip covers, sheets, and towels, but sheesh.

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Free to Love, Almost

Today is an interesting and important day to remember, especially this season:
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Tonight's Tom Ashbrook show

Tonight's Tom Ashbrook on a local public channel topic was the primaries in light of race and class. The discussion turned around Obama vs Clinton with respect to race and the lower class. First, guys wake up, race is not black and white only. We have more brown than black now. Second, guys there is the issue of sex also and it is not less important than the other two mentioned issues.

Ms. Newman from the LAT demonstrated again that most journalist are born without an intellect. According to her: Clinton "brings" the white lower class. If she is right, the Obama won California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, etc. She did however mention women, but accordingly they became an issue only the last month. Read more about Tonight's Tom Ashbrook show

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So why is it that we still aren't talking about race?


My thoughts started to coalesce from a thread on TalkLeft titled "Politics Has Always Been Stupid which brings up an NYT Op-Ed piece by Bob Herbert titled "Overkill and Short Shrift. This article laments the media play of Jeremiah Wright as a diversion to discussing the real issues of this political season.

It's not accidental that the discussions of race have been systematically dismissed from this campaign. From the very start, Obama has been the first black candidate to nationally campaign with the premise that no where in his agenda is there a desire to hold white Americans accountable for the past. Read more about So why is it that we still aren't talking about race?

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The Trouble With Transcending Race


Examination at The Root of the perceptions and personas of Oprah and Obama, and how unrealistic stereotypes and expectations--and meeting them and molding yourself to fit them--provide very fragile and shaky foundations for trust. Read more about The Trouble With Transcending Race

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Anatomy of a character assassination

Must read: DU poster McCamy Taylor's massive takedown of the Obama campaign's abuse of the race card.

Update: Meanwhile, WaPo harvests what Obama has sown:
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A Conversation About Race


MSNBC* has some footage up of a panel discussion about race. Without judging the relative merits of those who share their views, I was struck by two things: one, we're still fucking up the children who so many of us say must be cherished, and two, the negative issues of race and ethnicity will not vanish without a whole lot of work. Perhaps they never will, but that is no excuse to not address these issues and attempt to build a better world "for the children."

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Part 4 of Misogyny, Sexism, & the Gender Gap in the 2008 Election

In choosing a nominee, the Democratic Party will not merely be deciding who deserves to win, or who would make the best candidate. It will also be a decision about which poisoned landscape the Party wishes to compete upon --- one in which toxic wildflowers of misogyny and sexism are in full bloom, or one in which the poisonous weed of racism is a constant part of the environment, and needs the merest watering to completely despoil the land. Read more about THE POISONED LANDSCAPE -- RACE, GENDER, & ELECTION 2008

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Pat Buchanan: Unforgivable whiteness

Americans constitute 5% of the world's population but consume 24% of the world's energy.

Segregation and poverty have created in the racial ghetto a destructive environment totally unknown to most white Americans. What white Americans have never fully understood but what the Negro can never forget--is that white society is deeply implicated in the ghetto. White institutions created it, white institutions maintain it, and white society condones it.


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