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reproductive rights

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"Jekyll" and Hyde


The Hyde Amendment, put forth by Henry Hyde (R-We Hate Wimminz) after the passage of Roe v. Wade, has been a rather stubborn thorn in the side of pro-choice activists since its inception. It is a "rider," usually attached to some appropriations bill and passed every year, which prevents the HHS from sending any federal funding towards abortion, except in the cases of rape, incest or danger to the life of the mother. Read more about "Jekyll" and Hyde

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Saddest. Headline. Ever.


To wit: "Abortion provision threatens Dems."

This headline implies what we all know to be true, now: that the Democrats are no longer the party that protects women's rights. How else could they be threatened by anything to do with abortion, which is (barely) still a legal procedure protected by the Supreme Court's 1972 decision on Roe v. Wade, unless they don't fully support reproductive freedom? Where is the threat if you simply stand by your Party's platform, instead of being terrified that the fundiegelicals you are supposed to be fighting against, won't vote for you any more? Read more about Saddest. Headline. Ever.

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MadamaB's Mailbox: Operation Save America!

Well, well, well. What have we here? Looks like my friends at NOW have some news.

Militant anti-abortion rights group Operation Save America is planning to terrorize abortion care providers and harass the women they serve in Charlotte, N.C., from July 17-24. Please join Charlotte NOW, Feminist Majority Foundation and supporters of women's reproductive rights by taking action NOW.

Operation Save America? Wow! That sure is a lofty goal. I wonder who these special activists could be? Read more about MadamaB's Mailbox: Operation Save America!

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The Hits Just Keep Coming

An Image from The Handmaid's Tale

On the one hand, the President has just signed an Executive Order extending and legalizing the illegal Hyde Amendment (and "segregating" evil abortion funding from pure Christian-like funding); on the other hand, it's Obama's FDA, refusing to follow the federal judge's orders to allow the emergency contraception pill to be sold over the counter without a prescription. Read more about The Hits Just Keep Coming

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Report from the Field, and Lessons Learned

Report from the Field

Last night, I attended the PNHP NYC Chapter monthly forum, entitled "Where's Labor Been in the Year of Health Care Reform?" LibbyLiberal from Corrente met me there, and we both brought flyers for my Rep. Carolyn Maloney "Yes" vote protest on Saturday afternoon, which she and other Correntians will be attending.

The room was packed, and expectations were high as Bill Henning got up to speak. Read more about Report from the Field, and Lessons Learned

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Damned if You Don't, Damned if You Do

On International Women's Day, the anti-choice movement almost succeeded in exacting the most drastic ovarian penalty yet against women of childbearing age who dare not to carry their children to term. Yes, it was thisclose to being a crime to miscarry one's child in the great state of Utah. (The governor vetoed H.B. 12, but it passed both Houses in the State Legislature). La Macha writes in VivirLatino: Read more about Damned if You Don't, Damned if You Do

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Anti-Choice Movement Sinks to New Low in Georgia

From the New York Times:

ATLANTA — For years the largely white staff of Georgia Right to Life, the state’s largest anti-abortion group, tried to tackle the disproportionately high number of black women who undergo abortions. But, staff members said, they found it difficult to make inroads with black audiences.

So in 2009, the group took money that it normally used for advertising a pregnancy hot line and hired a black woman, Catherine Davis, to be its minority outreach coordinator.

Ms. Davis traveled to black churches and colleges around the state, delivering the message that abortion is the primary tool in a decades-old conspiracy to kill off blacks.

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NOW on PBS: Democrats and the New Politics of Abortion

If you are a proponent of single-payer health care, this documentary on the Democratic Party and its members like Bart Stupak and Patricia Dalkember is a must-see. Listen to Stupak's bullshit about how "there are organizations" which will help poor women to pay for an abortion, so his amendment doesn't discriminate against anyone; and how he isn't anti-abortion, he's "pro-life." Listen to how Howard Dean defends his promotion of anti-choice Democratic candidates because they are "good on every other issue." Listen to the statistics about how 1 in 3 women have abortions by the time they are 45. Listen to how important money is in these decisions. Listen to how the Hyde Amendment forces pregnant women to "choose" unwanted children. Read more about NOW on PBS: Democrats and the New Politics of Abortion

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Shock: Contraceptive funding sound economic policy


Many, including "progressive" bloggers, insisted that it was acceptable for Obama to remove contraceptive funding from the stimulus bill, particularly if it could get GOP votes. Besides the fact that such a move rendered zero GOP votes, appeasing the GOP is equivalent to begging to be shot in the head, and the selling out of poor women and girls has misogynistic overtones to it, the removal of this funding also took aim at the economy (Read the whole article). Read more about Shock: Contraceptive funding sound economic policy

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Change You Can Believe In: Obama Confirms Support for Further Restricting Abortion Rights


As you probably know, Obama gave an interview to "Relevant," a Christian magazine in which he said that prohibitions on late-term abortions must contain an exception for the health of the mother, but that:

[He didn't] think that 'mental distress' qualifies as the health of the mother. I think it has to be a serious physical issue that arises in pregnancy, where there are real, significant problems to the mother carrying that child to term.

Given that the current law governing late term abortions includes mental distress mental health as one of the health exceptions, this would be a significant narrowing of abortion rights. Read more about Change You Can Believe In: Obama Confirms Support for Further Restricting Abortion Rights

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Obama: "Abortion Is Never a Good Thing"

Someone remind me again what a giant wanker McCain is because Obama is trying my last nerve today. Via Talk Left:

Barack Obama said anti-abortion Democrats are backing him because they feel he respects their opinion on the issue despite disagreement on it. ...."It may be that those who have opposed abortion get a sense that I'm listening to them and respect their position even though where we finally come down may be different," he told reporters at a news conference.

"The mistake that pro-choice forces have sometimes made in the past, and this is a generalization so it has not always been the case, has been to not acknowledge the wrenching moral issues involved in it," he said.

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Baby Girl Names

So neice #2 is scheduled to depart from the mothership in December. Science has revealed her gender, and so the games begin, shaping her life before she is even living it. Naming is more complicated than it seems at first blush, no? Read more about Baby Girl Names

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