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Libyan War’s ‘Unseemly’ PR War -- Latest Deadly Armaments Get A Persuasive Test Spin


(558 Obama-dumping days until 2012 election-Hugh's Obama's Scandals List)

Get your vomit buckets ready.

Oil, drugs, weapons. Supposedly the three hottest commodities on the planet right now.

We know the lengths corporate-controlled governments will go to follow through on their lust for oil. Illegitimate wars and assassinations. 1 million plus human beings dead. 4 million plus displaced.

Jeremy Hammond’s recent expose discusses how drug laundering was common and vital in giving shameless ballast to the world’s most powerful banks during the economic crisis. Read below the fold...

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Reuters CEO on Blogs

He's got a blog, but I can't seem to leave any comments. It's not a bad speech, but a couple of points indicate to me that he still doesn't quite grok the nature of political and news blogging.

What does the future look like in a world in which the consumer has taken over the printing press, the dark room, the television studio? What does the result of a mash-up of professional and “amateur” actually look like?

Read below the fold...
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