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Would you know a revolution if you saw one?

Clinton and Sanders Take Aim at Different Targets as Democrats Gather in Iowa

Hillary Clinton trains her attacks on Republicans, while Bernie Sanders says the real problem is the ‘billionaire class’

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Russell Brand vs. Jeremy Paxman: the full transcript

Russell Brand: Well, I don’t think it’s working very well, Jeremy, given that the planet is being destroyed, given that there is economic disparity of a huge degree. What are you saying, there’s no alternative? There’s no alternative? Just this system?

I see Lambert has already posted the viral youtube as well as a post on Brand's essay in this week's Revolution Issue of The New Statesman. The youtube with my transcript (there are other transcripts out there, with differences) below the fold. Couldn't resist. I love it. Read more about Russell Brand vs. Jeremy Paxman: the full transcript

Crack Capitalism

I stumbled across this book, by John Holloway, entitled Crack Capitalism. No, it doesn't have anything to do with crack cocaine - it has to do with looking at the world completely differently, something that I've recently started to do. I'm so very, very tired of all the pointing fingers and daily atrocities. I'm posting pp. Read more about Crack Capitalism

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violence or non-violence -- Gandhi on israel, Zionists, Holocaust, etc -- some history --


Gandhi, his Grandson, Israel, and the Jews --

... what did Mahatma Gandhi actually think of the idea of Israel, and of the fate of the Jews of his time?

As it turns out, M.K. Gandhi engaged in sustained conversation with Jewish intellectuals of his day—many of whom were dismayed by the great man's insistence, for example, that Jews in Germany should have willingly "offered themselves to the butcher's knife."

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Senate Votes to Condemn the Declaration of Independence

Okay, it was a non-binding* resolution to condemn our revolution, but still...

When the past catches up with you, bitch-smack that dirty little commie hippy all the way back to the 18th Century where it belongs. Impertinent rebels! The gall! The absolute gall!

Had enough?

*Sorry, no link. I made it up. Just like Mr. Bush did about the reasons for invading Iraq. He is cousin to my madness.

++++ Read more about Senate Votes to Condemn the Declaration of Independence

Insult? I'd say sending the troops to war with no armor and no plan is the real insult

C'mon, John, we love you, but please! Sharpen the edge just a bit! WaPo:

"[KERRY] I make apologies to no one about my criticism of the President and his broken policy that kills and maims our heroes in Iraq every single day. This pathetic attempt to distort a botched joke about President Bush is a shameful effort to distract from a botched war."

Well, yeah. But I want a sound bite, not a whole fucking meal! Read more about Insult? I'd say sending the troops to war with no armor and no plan is the real insult

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CD Loves AG

We all make mistakes. We all have moments of cowardice, or when we fail to do what's right because it's harder. Sometimes, those acts (or inactions) have more serious consequences than we imagine at the time. When we fail, what's most important is that we learn from our mistakes, and that we're conscious and thoughful of them in the future. Read more about CD Loves AG

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