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Sex Talk: Men are Easy

So, recently I offended a bunch of nice people because I basically said: "men are easier to please than women, sexually speaking." I didn't mean this to be about men being more stupid, less exciting or interesting, or any other negative connotation about men and sex. But gosh! Is that so controversial to say? Men need... well, imho it's pretty simple. Sure, men want and need love and relationships and complexity and all that. But men also want simple things, and if one is good at those, one can make any man come. Read more about Sex Talk: Men are Easy

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Friday Night Sex Blogging

So my gf du jour won't be by until Sunday, and I'm stuck with a Working Friday Night anyway, due to...well, that doesn't matter. But I was reading one of Corrente's fabulous blogroll links, and the author was talking about the perils of dating online as an older woman. I guess that's me too, now! I'm a bit of an, um, well, [fill in your grandmother's favorite naughty word for bad grrls here]. Just out of silliness and curiosity, what dating sites do you use, and why? Read more about Friday Night Sex Blogging

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Tonight's Tom Ashbrook show

Tonight's Tom Ashbrook on a local public channel topic was the primaries in light of race and class. The discussion turned around Obama vs Clinton with respect to race and the lower class. First, guys wake up, race is not black and white only. We have more brown than black now. Second, guys there is the issue of sex also and it is not less important than the other two mentioned issues.

Ms. Newman from the LAT demonstrated again that most journalist are born without an intellect. According to her: Clinton "brings" the white lower class. If she is right, the Obama won California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, etc. She did however mention women, but accordingly they became an issue only the last month. Read more about Tonight's Tom Ashbrook show

Study: Christianist abstinence programs cause crime (or, at least, early sex decreases delinquency)

Yet another reason the anti-sex Christianist enclaves in the Red States are so--forgive the expression--fucked up. A new identical twins study at the University of Virginia:

The researchers analyzed data on 534 same-sex twin pairs in the United States gathered at three time points over a seven-year period. By examining surveys of twins, the investigators were able to eliminate the genetic and socio-economic variables that otherwise might influence the behaviors of adolescents.

Louisiana Senator Caught With Dick in Madam's Phone Records

We really need a Department of Couldn't Happen to a Nicer Guy. When David Vitter was in the US House he had a Clenis obsession like no other. Turns out his own little soldier had a bad habit of going out on unauthorized foraging missions:
Read more about Louisiana Senator Caught With Dick in Madam's Phone Records

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About young women and boob shots

Now that I have your attention, think about this from Time via Kevin Drum: Read more about About young women and boob shots

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Vagina Power


Not safe for work, but very interesting.

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Saturday Sex Surfing

So I'm playing catchup after a busy week, and there's plenty of sex program-related reading to enjoy. Read more about Saturday Sex Surfing

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Dirty Sex and Clean Politics


Via our good pal, and creator of the term 'blogtopia,' The Manly Marsupial Skippy of the Forrest, we discover this exciting blog and a project that seems to be getting a lot of attention. Attention Democratic operatives with the good sense to study history and learn from it: a lot of us out here will do this kind of work for you, for free. I too am sick and tired of bringing squirt guns to a knife fight:
Read more about Dirty Sex and Clean Politics

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Take Action and Get Action (Sex, That Is)

A while back I wrote this funloving post while in a rare upbeat mood, and last night I spent some time with the Capitol Hill Drinking Liberally gang, and listened to John Hliko, founder of Act For Love and also the infamous, and Stempac, the stem cell research advocacy blog. John and I agreed that it's a simple idea: Democrats need to keep reminding people that we are the party of fun. And good sex, food, booze, comedians, and everything else that makes the burden of life lessened. Read more about Take Action and Get Action (Sex, That Is)

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Sunday Viagra Blogging

(Consider this post innoculation against charges that I've forgotten my unserious, naughty blogging roots)

I read stories like this with some frequency, and I can't find it now but recently I read a blog post about American males and decreasing levels of testosterone. I just finished clearing out our comments inbox, and I suppose it won't surprise you to know that easily half of them were spambot posts selling Viagra. Read more about Sunday Viagra Blogging

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I'm on the road this week, forgive the light posting. But just to inflame some readers: what do you think? Are women smarter than men? Would you hate me if I said, "yes" most of the time? In all seriousness, I've never seen a poll unlike this one. For some reason, women seem to dislike war and pillage more than men. Why is that?

70 percent of women and 58 percent of men now oppose the war in Iraq.

That's outside the moe. Tell me why you think this should be. Read more about GenderFuque

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Don't Let the Little Head Do Yer Thinkin, Boys

I'm pretty open about myself on the Internets, but i also like to think I apply a modicum of common sense to what I do, and do not say to people. I'm with a lot of the commenters at Waxy, I wouldn't be surprised at all if someone died over this, starting with the "artist." But it's a good reminder for everyone to be, you know, sensible while surfing the Tubes.
Read more about Don't Let the Little Head Do Yer Thinkin, Boys

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Brains on Sex


I found this interesting. I don't have an opinion about the validity, but for what it's worth she doesn't sound like a winger.

"Women have an eight-lane superhighway for processing emotion, while men have a small country road," she writes. Men, however, "have O'Hare Airport as a hub for processing thoughts about sex, where women have the airfield nearby that lands small and private planes."


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