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It's important to distinguish 'possible' from 'probable'

Documents reveal how Ohio routed 2004 voting data through company that hosted external Bush Administration email accounts

In an affidavit filed in September, Spoonamore asserted that "any time all information is directed to a single computer for consolidation, it is possible… that single computer will exploit the information for some purpose. ... In the case of Ohio 2004, the only purpose I can conceive for sending all county vote tabulations to a GOP managed Man-in-the-Middle site in Chattanooga before sending the results onward to the Sec. of State, would be to hack the vote at the MIM."

Dodgy White House Emails: Blast from the Past

Greg Palast has an interesting item up which relates to the "" and "" etc. emails. This is in the "" file, specifically the address "".

Remember a wee kerfluffle in the runup to the '04 elections, specifically Florida which we were keeping an eye on for some reason? Some nobody on the RNC hit team got caught making the boneheaded mistake of sending his mail to "" instead of ".com." Well as it happens "" was a spoof site set up by a fellow named John Wooden for purposes of various rudenesses. Read more about Dodgy White House Emails: Blast from the Past

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