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Libby’s Political Stew: War-Torture-Drone Truthers & Liars

Ludwig Watzal in “U.S. Military Casualty Statistics Not the Senators’ Main Concern” calls out the Senate Armed Services' Committee hearing vetting former Republican Chuck Hagel for U.S. Secretary of Defense: Read below the fold...

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Veterans - Personality Disorder


Personality Disorder has been the scapegoat discharge for some time now. This discharge robs soldiers of benefits, help, and a future life in certain occupations. The military has turned their back on soldiers and just to save a few bucks, the military doctors are ruining the future for over 24,000 soldiers. And now they are trying to do the same thing to me. THIS must stop! Read below the fold...

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Tragic News: Two More Gone; They Spoke For Many And For US,



Two of the seven Non-Commissioned Officers who authored that brilliant New York Times op ed of several weeks ago have died in Iraq.

From Editor & Publisher:
Read below the fold...

Memorial Month

Via Steve 'n' Jen's joint, the News Blog. They have the whole list from the first man dead in this endless war (Justin W. Pollard, 21, Army Specialist, Dec 30, 2003.)

It's a very long list though and I decided to hold it to just those who have died so far in this very month we still are in. The list will be longer before the month is over, and some days after that as more names are confirmed. Read below the fold...

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