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Krugman considers catfood for breakfast

So the newest rumors about the fiscal cliff have been leaked to Ezra Klein and Paul Krugman, who comments on them on his blog today.  He says:

Those cuts are a very bad thing, although there will supposedly be some protection for low-income seniors. But the cuts are not nearly as bad as raising the Medicare age, for two reasons: the structure of the program remains intact, and unlike the Medicare age thing, they wouldn’t be totally devastating for hundreds of thousands of people, just somewhat painful for a much larger group. 

 Link here.

It's the old Washington two-step:  Float an absolutely unacceptable idea.  Then, when the outcry from your supporters has hit its peak, put forward a proposal that's merely horrible and call it a win.  Now watch the Democrats swallow it and smile. Read more about Krugman considers catfood for breakfast

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Hillary Hatred, edition #987654222913

Symantec warns of bogus "Hillary Clinton video" spam

The Hillary Clinton election campaign is being exploited in a spam message that tries to trick users into downloading a Trojan to their desktops by pretending to offer a link to a video of a Hillary Clinton campaign speech. "It's the first time we've seen spam like this targeting Hillary Clinton," says Doug Bowers, Symantec's senior director of anti-abuse engineering, who says the spam message, still not seen in large volumes, was first spotted today.

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Awash in a River of Junk (Literally)


Ken and I were on the same page yesterday. I was just thinking about this, and in my case, the numbers are even worse. I'm actually in fear of opening one of my email accounts because there is so much junk in it.
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