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AUSTERITY Most Savage! (some statistics)


America’s Hunger Epidemic: 'A Place at the Table' and 'American Winter' by Michael Shank

50 million Americans live in food-insecure households

1-out-of-2 American children will rely on federal assistance for food during their childhoods

106 million Americans, over 1 in 3, live below twice poverty line (less than $36,000 for a family of three)

Richest 1 percent now possess 40 percent of the nation’s wealth

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The Science Behind "TerraTerraTerra 24x7"


This is pretty cool. Scary, mind you. But it gives some academic cover to things We Pretty Much Knew All Along. From today's Chicago Tribune, with some rearrangement of paragraphs for condensation purposes:
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WF Buckley, conundrum and - something else

Two of Buckley's recent opinions on NRO are illuminating, and disturbing. Read more about WF Buckley, conundrum and - something else

Counting to 3000


Editor & Publisher has an odd little article up compiling some statistics on the Iraq War on the occasion of the (announcement of the official) 3000th combat death in the conflict. There are some oddities in this list, like this note:

Deaths by hostile fire: 2422 80.9%
Non-hostile: 578

Age 18-20: 517 17.2%
Age 21-30: 1813 60.9%

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Black Men Speak

Are you listening?

Dispute the numbers all you want, the point is still the same. It's soooo easy to believe that "black men are responsible for [insert horrible crime here]." Even for those of us who are black, it's a hard trap to avoid. Read more about Black Men Speak

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Which Books Did You Get in School?

I've raged before about ignoring polls. Basically, I remember when I used to work with telemarketing firms. We lied, made stuff up, and got stoned on the job, a lot. I can't believe that's changed.

But my own experiences aside, I like to think that Billmon's post reinforces another belief of mine: that there are two sets of numbers in our political landscape:
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Chris tells you about yourself.

Wow, you're smart! But you knew that. Read more about Snapshots

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17 A Day

Titter. Liz is obviously having a good time with this one. I don't know about you, but I like the idea that a "healthy" life includes 17 beers, 7 cups of coffee, and all the pizza I can eat- daily. Read more about 17 A Day

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