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Bush Acknowledges Depth of Hole, Orders More Shovels


If you thought the US military was way too big, and a danger to its own country and the rest of the world, how would you go about reducing it, or at least its effectiveness in imposing imperialism? It was by all measures and estimations the most indominable force ever assembled...but now?

President Bush acknowledged for the first time yesterday that the United States is not winning the war in Iraq and said he plans to expand the overall size of the "stressed" U.S. armed forces to meet the challenges of a long-term global struggle against terrorists.
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Simple Questions About Bombing

So a while back I directed you all to a couple of posts about how the Taliban is basically running around, stronger and more organized than ever, despite our and NATO's efforts in Afghanistan. His Majesty the Grey One has been running a series of late, "Simple Answers to Simple Questions," and I've got one for you. Read this article, and pay attention to this part in particular:
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