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Union and third party leaders not fighting, not present

Local activity that should be of keen interest to leaders in the Green Party and AFL-CIO is instead being ignored by them.

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"A Decent Life" or It's the Respect, Stupid


"Necessitous men [women] are not free men [women]," said FDR in his 2nd Bill of Rights speech. This phrase is said to come from a English property law case in 1762.

This morning in the second hour of "UP" with Chris Hayes, Chris had on Greg Fletcher of Our Walmart, Raymond Castillo of Warehouse Workers United, Heather McGee of Demos, and David Frum of free market vampirism. I watch this show to get a bead on what the Democrats are up to and occasionally something really good slips in like hearing real workers talking economics. Read below the fold...

Refreshing to Have Jill Stein as a President with Spine!

Jill Stein is a “citizen-politician” who refuses to behave herself.

Dr. Stein refuses to stay in the campaigning bull-shit bubble.

She doesn’t suffer fools or play the crony let’s-screw-the-99% game.

Someone on a website recently called Jill Stein “the best presidential candidate you’ll never hear about”.

Jill Stein is a Boston physician (Harvard educated) and veteran activist and candidate with the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party
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"On Wisconsin"

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AFSCME President Gerald McEntee: “ “President Obama is the only choice for the 99 percent.”

This, after Darth Obama froze wages for federal employees; no collective bargaining allowed.

AFSCME votes to endorse Obama for reelection

“Obama’s been criticized for not doing enough for his base,” Larry Scanlon, AFSCME’s political director, said in an interview. “So you always worry about the mood of your membership. But the depth of support in the room today for Obama surprised even me.”

Tuesday’s vote by the union board was unanimous.

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Missing the Point of Ohio's Referendum

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'No On Issue 2': A big win, and a big opportunity

Ohio's overwhelming rejection of the union-busting Senate Bill 5 still has people buzzing, for good reason. Read below the fold...

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Ohio Voters Reject Senate Bill 5, Obamacare; Mississippi Defeats Anti-Abortion Amendment

Ohio voters last night voted overwhelmingly against both Republican and Democrat corporate-favoring policies in a referendum. Senate Bill 5, passed by the Republican-dominated legislature and signed into law by Republican governor John Kasich, was shot down by sixty-one percent, too large a margin for the GOP to rig the vote count in its favor. Read below the fold...

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'No On Issue 2': Election season update

The effort to get a citizen veto of John Kasich's union-busting attack on the middle class is still a very big deal in Ohio, even as the Occupy movement picks up steam here (and everywhere!) If it has gone somewhat off your radar here's an update. First, the latest polling shows overwhelming support for overturning the law. Read below the fold...

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National Rally To Save America's Postal Service

The U.S. Postmaster General is calling for a draconian restructuring plan that would result in the elimination of more than 100,000 postal workers' jobs and the shutdown of over 3,000 local post offices. The plan also guts the collective bargaining rights of postal employees by redefining their retirement and health care benefit packages. Read below the fold...

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Recovering History: The Oakland General Strike of 1946


In honor of Labor Day, an account of the Oakland General Strike of 1946:
"In the post-war recession year of 1946, labor organizing was at an apex. A wave of rail, mining, auto, electrical and city-wide general strikes had debilitated industry across the country, motivated by demands for full employment, universal medical care and civil rights."

Although sympathy/general strikes are illegal today, in 1946 it was still a legal labor action. Read below the fold...

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'No on Issue 2': Yes, GOP, this is really happening

Last week the Ohio politics blog Plunderbund had a series of posts about the sudden and dramatic sense of desperation that had seized the right. The panic began with an editorial from the conservative Columbus Dispatch. It was so completely at odds with reality that even a casual follower of state politics might have taken it for parody. Read below the fold...

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Wisconsin's big union win and the growing liberal momentum

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Tuesday's recall elections in Wisconsin were a stunning rebuke to the Republican party. As Craig Gilbert wrote back in March: "History tells us that most of the 16 recall attempts under way in Wisconsin are likely to fail. It also tells us that if three or four succeed, it would be entirely without precedent." Read below the fold...

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Taking Wisconsin nationwide: The Rebuild The American Dream Movement

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When the protests in Wisconsin erupted over the winter I remember having an exchange with Athenae. She had been holding her breath every single day because she was sure at any moment it would fall apart. There was good reason to believe that! Despite their unprecedented size the protests were informally but widely boycotted by corporate media. (Curiously, media outlets owned by multinationals tend to not have very robust coverage of union and labor issues.) There were the usual strategies to discredit the movement - including the heretofore reliable tactic of telling a whopping lie, getting the wingnuts to jump all over it and turning it into a zombie lie. Read below the fold...


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