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Probability of Rebel Chemical Weapons Usage in Syria

Bill Van Auken in “Growing calls for attack on Syria follow chemical weapons” points out:

When Carla Del Ponte, a leading member of the UN Independent Commission of Inquiry on Syria, reported last May that there was “strong, concrete” evidence that sarin had been used by the Western-backed forces, Washington and its European allies simply ignored these findings. Such crimes are viewed as necessary in the prosecution of a vicious war for regime change that these powers have provoked and sustained.

Invisible Violence to Kids = no-Self Adulthoods & Violence

You can run from the truth
You can hide from the truth
You can deny the truth
But you cannot destroy the truth

Robert J. Burrowes

According to Robert J. Burrowes in “Why Violence?” “no-Self” people run from, hide from, deny the truth. “Self” people recognize it and communicate it!

Edward Snowden! Self or no-Self?


Bradley Manning! Self or no-Self?


Gitmo Hunger Strikers! Selves or no-Selves? Read more about Invisible Violence to Kids = no-Self Adulthoods & Violence

The Tragic & Dangerous Arrested Development of Barack Obama

I recently came across an interesting article with some bold theorizing by Robert J. Burrowes entitled “The Destruction of Obama.” Burrowes uses Obama’s autobiography “Dreams From My Father” to analyze probable childhood conditioning for what he determines is Obama’s lack of psychological integration today.

I have not read the book, but I found many of Burrowes’ psychological conclusions compelling.

Burrowes sees Obama as having serious and endangering “issues” and lists a few principle ones: Read more about The Tragic & Dangerous Arrested Development of Barack Obama

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Gun violence, public health and the missing piece

Cross posted from Pruning Shears

The massacre in Newtown has once again opened up the discussion of firearms in America. We are getting the usual dumbassery about how this is a punishment from God or the fault of video games (which apparently are unavailable outside of the US) and the usual preemptive whining about how this is not the time to talk about firearm legislation because it would politicize the issue. This is the same spirit in which we refrained from discussing terrorism after 9/11 for fear of politicizing that issue.

It appears that the gun nuts are feeling a little defensive though. Unlike with previous gun massacres, this one has been accompanied by a real push on the role of our abysmal mental health care system. It's actually a great point: we've basically outsourced mental health care to our prisons, with predictably disastrous results. We need to do a much better job of investing in mental health care, removing the shame that surrounds it, and making sure it is available to anyone who needs it.

That doesn't mean it's an either/or situation though. We can both improve mental health care and implement sensible policies to reduce gun violence. One obstacle to the latter is a certain air of resignation and fatalism ("I'm fresh out of ideas. Anybody?") which - surprise! - is a stone's throw from demands for a comprehensive legislative strategy for implementation. Because that is the only way to discuss any issue, and it also explains the absence of war, abortion, finance, inequality and gender policies from our national dialogue. Read more about Gun violence, public health and the missing piece

Thinking About Oakland

I'm still processing Hedges' rant on TruthDig - I was so struck by his endorsement of violence in Greece and his condemnation of violence her in this country. I found an interesting essay at via a comment on SMBIVA and this passage struck me as something that we should all chew on: Read more about Thinking About Oakland

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Violence Advocates Buck Historical Trends


Stephen Pinker's recent book "The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined" examines the statistics of violence finding that contrary to popular belief, violence rates of all kinds have declined through determinable human history. Read more about Violence Advocates Buck Historical Trends

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violence or non-violence -- Gandhi on israel, Zionists, Holocaust, etc -- some history --


Gandhi, his Grandson, Israel, and the Jews --

... what did Mahatma Gandhi actually think of the idea of Israel, and of the fate of the Jews of his time?

As it turns out, M.K. Gandhi engaged in sustained conversation with Jewish intellectuals of his day—many of whom were dismayed by the great man's insistence, for example, that Jews in Germany should have willingly "offered themselves to the butcher's knife."

Terrorist Cell Nabbed INSIDE U. S.!!!

Pick one:

(a) OMG!!! Raise the terror code to RED!!! Where'd I put that plastic and duct tape, Tom? You were right Loud Obbs, they ARE inside our borders [pause to breathe into paper bag to calm hyperventilation]

(b) Ho hum. Page 29b. Shall we run this at all, boss? There's an update on Anna Nicole's baby's daddy's diaper rash here someplace....
Read more about Terrorist Cell Nabbed INSIDE U. S.!!!

Consolidations of Authoritarianism: Bureaucracy Edition

These stories have nothing to do with each other, except that they do. The six-year campaign to get Certain People put in charge of all those alphabetic agencies in Washington is bearing fruit.

The first we will call the "Mom Said No--Let's Go Ask Daddy" amendment. It affects power companies [coughlikeEnronmaybe?cough] ability to overrule state regulators and put massive power transmission lines wherever the fuck they want. Read more about Consolidations of Authoritarianism: Bureaucracy Edition

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Did Kos Fuck Up, And If So (or Not), Why?

Ha, while we've been having our own little discussions about misogyny here at Corrente, it looks like Big Orange stepped in it. You make the call. Kos' original post. In which he basically says, "Suck it up. Death threats happen. They aren't a big risk." Which is what I said somewhere, I'm too tired to go digging for it now. Read more about Did Kos Fuck Up, And If So (or Not), Why?

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