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Voting rights

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'No on HB 194': Activism, fatigue, and the GOP's latest disenfranchisement law

Since the Wisconsin recalls there has been quite a bit of commentary about how folks want a break from politics, and maybe a campaign to oust Scott Walker early next year should be postponed. Some of it is just garden variety concern trolling by conservatives who understand just how devastating the recall losses were and are looking for a nice, nonpartisan message to stanch the bleeding. Read below the fold...

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Ohio House Bill 194 and Senate Bill 148: The Republican's Voter Disenfranchisement Plan

Find your state representative at the Ohio House of Representatives home page.

Find your state Senator at the Ohio Senate home page. Read below the fold...

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MI & FL delegate reinstatement process staggers forward – no thanks to voters

The Democratic voters of Michigan and Florida are unhappy, or so we read. They, or if you will, their representatives, moved up their primary dates and drew a punishment from the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee. Since then, what have the voters of Michigan and Florida actually done to try and reverse or repair their problem? Nothing but complain. Read below the fold...

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More MLK Day Fun: Universal Edition


The reason this country lacks universal voting rights is that progressive reformers have been unwilling to sacrifice a just, decent, affordable, humane system for a merely universal one. Universality, after all, is easy. Widespread voting access and actual enumeration are not. And demanding a perfect system is easy. But as Presidents Roosevelt, Truman, Johnson, Kennedy and Nixon have found, achieving such a system is not. Now, the argument over which type of system is the most worthwhile, and which sort the most possible, is a worthy one, and it's perfectly defensible to argue -- as Stoller does -- for nationalized voting rights in that context. But to accuse Thurman, Helms, Byrd and so many others who've devoted their lives to the study and struggle of this issue "unserious" because they don't believe we'll dissolve the states rights industry in a single legislative penstroke is profoundly, well, unserious. Read below the fold...
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Make This National, Please

The high water mark of the Confederacy


Well, it looks like Republican racists--not completely redundant, though it's a shame that those Republicans who aren't racist don't have the courage to denounce those who are--won't be able to derail passage of the Voting Rights Act. Although, naturally, they're still trying to gut it:

Having quieted dissenting conservatives, House Republicans are trying again to renew the 1965 Voting Rights Act in an election-year effort to win support from minority voters.

The story is that image, for the mid-terms, is everything: Read below the fold...

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