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Taibbi on health care: The sausage really is shit

Susie went ahead and typed in the best parts of Matt Taibbi's latest Rolling Stone blockbuster. Just like we've been saying all along: HR3200 is a bailout for the insurance companies that's going to force us to buy junk insurance.

Re-boot. Kip Sullivan has just the resolution that the Progressive Caucus could use:

Proposed resolution for the Congressional Progressive Caucus

WHEREAS the Congressional Progressive Caucus has evaluated the “public option” in HR 3200;

WHEREAS the CPC has determined that the “public option” in HR 3200 is not “robust”;

WHEREAS HR 3200, therefore, is just another Massachusetts-style bailout for the health insurance industry;

WHEREAS a Massachusetts-style debacle on a national scale will set back the movement for universal coverage under a single-payer system;

WHEREAS the CPC has repeatedly put Democratic leaders on notice that they intend to vote against legislation with a weak “public option”; therefore be it

RESOLVED that the Congressional Progressive Caucus members will instead support an amendment to HR 3200 that replaces HR 3200’s language with that in HR 676, The United States National Health Care Act.

NOTE So, in fact we understood quite well "how legislation is made". We knew the sausage was shit, and couldn't be made not to be shit, and we said the hell with it. Just saying.

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Submitted by vastleft on

When Chris and Digby and Jane and company went all-in on "public option," a massive opportunity to influence vital policy was lost. To raise this concern was to defy the Serious position, and to disrespect our saints.

Even Glenn keeps leaning on the "whatever you think of 'public option'" construction, in lieu of airing the inconvenient truth about what a sensible liberal ought to think of the public option.

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Submitted by dblhelix on

why these ppl are currently trying to graft a PO-INO (public option in name only) onto a piece of shit?

HCAN's ever-changing requirements ("Writ in water") don't even pretend any longer.

They seem to just want something labeled "public option."

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Submitted by DCblogger on

it will go down in flames, or alternatively they will pass the Kucinich amendment and we can do single payer in the states.

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Submitted by Valley Girl on

OTIT= off the immediate topic.

I find stuff, but not sure where to post it at Corrente.

So, a while back jawbone gave a link to this at the The Confluence. It was a great read, and I sent it to that KS person (of the WHEREAS in the main post). He said it's hard to find detailed accounts of what it's actually like for docs. to deal with the insanity of the current system- much appreciated.

Here's the post jawbone linked (it was part 1)

I just found part 2

~~Here’s where it really gets interesting. Matt Taibbi wrote his infamous article a couple of months ago, about the tentacled squid that is Goldman Sachs, and the questions over whether they have proprietary trading software that games the market in their favor. Well, GS is not the only one who can play that game. Insurance companies have been doing it for years. Let me introduce you to some of these practices.~~

~~Is there a way to do single-payer and still put the leverage back where it belongs, with the patients and doctors, rather than just handing over complete and unthinking broad control to the government? I think so. If we do it right.

Stay tuned….~~

Hmmmm.... well part 3 yet to come.... but I'll be looking

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Submitted by Valley Girl on

I discovered that when I managed to put a blog post instead of a comment because I was so pissed off about something

It was too too OT I think... given the important focus on health care. so, as a relative "newbie" here, I'm still figuring out what is and isn't worth saying, and where and when (or not).



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Submitted by Valley Girl on

well, I think it's wise if I don't go totally OT until.... well, late.

Knitting... hmmm... I had no idea that that was related to core liberal values. I feel vindicated. ;)

Submitted by lambert on

Knitting is that. Ditto gardening, wine-making. Inventing local currency. Inventing new forms of political association. Making your own music instead of buying it (or stealing it). Using open source software. Writing open source software. Anything that pioneers and propagates way to get out from under our neo-feudal overlords. All of which involve critical thinking, you may note.

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courtesy of the Big Insurance Parasites.

I had come across it, didn't have time to post, then Big Storm came through and took out my PC (something about Win32 stuff and don't even try again to repair or else all will be lost. Oh, and those back-up disks you put somewhere? Now's the time to find them.... Yeah, riiiiiight. I know just where they are!

First my mouse/keyboard went blooey; then I managed to find my old keyboard/mouse...just in time for the BS to really knock me off line. Ceiling cat, what are you telling me?

There's going to be a 3rd part to the drsl offices' HELL--think she might be recommending some better ways to do things....

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Submitted by Valley Girl on

That reminds me to do "restore" (I mean the save to restore).

That sounds awful! So sorry.

Oddly enough, at about the same time I found part 2 (just earlier), I got an email from that KS person, who had just found part 2 too! Said it was really excellent and hard to find this kind of detail. (I sent him your link to part 1).

So, you done good. That was a great find, according to my "informed source".


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You said something about that as a comment when you put up the first link.

I found this via FDL, but original source (referenced) is Susie Madrak

Jeez- I'll be quick, and just say, go read-

bec. the details of the first post (pt. 1) you posted (esp. the nonsense about flu diagnosis etc.) were fresh in my mind when I found the above link.

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Brian Lehrer Show (, click through shows--little time remaining to use the PC--I'm at library and peeps are waiting--this late at night!). There was a vacation host for the show, a NYC and NY state political reporter for WNYC. She intro'd TR Reid and discussion of his new book by saying that when she read 20,000 people a year die of lack of insurance in the US (well, lack of care due to no health insurance), she had to google Reid to see if he was some kind of leftwing wacko.

You might want to read that again. This is a reporter in one of the most liberal cities in the nation; she covers politics for the public radio station of that city; she did not know this fact.

And, Andrea?? It's twenty-two thousand each year year.

This is the influence of the MCM*--they ignore real facts, but they also build the belief that anything they don't cover is "left wing wacko" stuff if it doesn't support the power structure they are entwined with.

Tonight, on NewsHour, Rep. Minnick, a Dem elected to Congress last election in a conservative/libertarian leaning district in ID (?) was on talking about how it was so important to NOT have a public option, and anything for the poor had to NOT comptete with private insurers.

This guy is also not in touch with facts. As has been reported here, and as TR Reid says in all his interviews, there is not industrialized nation which has private insurers which are allowed to make a profit or call the shots on how people are covered. These privete insurers do try to compete with one another, however; they try to show how good they are on the regulated insurance so that customers will buy their home owners, renters, boutique insurances from them.

TR Reid was also on Fresh Air today.

So sorry, but no time to do the link looking and posting. Have to get some RL work done on the PC.

Ta, all!

*MCM--Mainstream Corporate Media