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Plantidote of the Day 2012-10-31

Monsters and candy

Happy Halloween, my little pirates.

Every year we go to the Pal's house in the Central District to scare the neighborhood. Her house was built in 1906 and is on asmall hill that rises from the sidewalk. It looms over you especially and when lit from beneath.

This year our theme is Circue du Scaree. A couple years ago, the Pal and I bought a bunch of stuff from one of those professional haunted house things---we have probably a hundred skeletons and skeleparts, dozens of cast masks and related costumage, even bollards with skulls on them to mark out the walking path. And we got the creepiest clown costumes ever. I mean, so creepy, my skin crawled carrying the headpieces to the car. And I rarely get creeped out. Read more about Monsters and candy

Ghosthunting as hobby, not profession

It's been a long time since we went on a ghosthunt.

The fab GF and our Pal have done several. Enough to be featured on a Discovery Channel kids' show easily debunking some true believers by replicating their "ghost" evidence and explaining what caused the phenomenon.

I am the skeptic. The fab GF is also a skeptic, but wants to believe in ghosts, while the Pal sides with the fab GF because it's funnier when they gang up on me. Those are the internal workings of our organization, The Bureau of Occult Occurences---B.O.O.

We have a woefully outdated website, a logo, and t-shirts. And we have equipment: non-contact thermometers (with and without a laser), decibel meters, video and still cameras, hidden microphones. And walkie-talkies. Read more about Ghosthunting as hobby, not profession

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Halloween GOP Style

Come with me to the pumpkin patch
And see what is most scary!
The GOP turns ghouls to glee
And bites off the heads of fairies!


The moon is waning in the sky
The leaves, they skitter in the dark
The wind molests you in the night
The trees all bleed from in their bark Read more about Halloween GOP Style

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PDB: Vice President Dick Cheney Determined to Attack Iran From Within the United States

If only Laura could get her husband to read a little bit more and stamp his feet a little bit less. Read more about PDB: Vice President Dick Cheney Determined to Attack Iran From Within the United States

I'm trick or treating -- As a Republican!

Of course, as a good Republican, I've already got my big bag of sweets, but readers--

Can you guess what my costume looks like?

As if! Read more about I'm trick or treating -- As a Republican!

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Horror Show


homecoming2Best Halloween viewing to commemorate the deaths of 103 Americans in Iraq during October 2006? Read more about Horror Show

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