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Yesterday was October 15th in Hong Kong. In solidarity with the world wide Occupiers, about 500 Hong Kongers marched downtown, and about 300 have made a camp in the plaza under the HSBC world headquarters building. UPDATE: Just talked by phone with HK parliamentarian Long Hair (Leung Kwok Hung) who says they're bunking down for the night. They don't have a permit, but he doesn't think the police will move in. UPDATE #2:EVEN More pix on the jump.

Marching on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Hang Seng). Note bull (well, water buffalo--it's Asia) in foreground.

Hong Kong's finest guarding the HSBC building as night falls.

One thing you can certainly say: the architecture in HK is much more attractive than in Zuccotti Park.

Long Hair (Leung Kwok Hung) takes a break to call a friend in NYC (me!) and find out how things are going at OccupyWallStreet.

All these great photos are by a terrific young activist/photographer named Freeman Lam. He is LIVE on the scene and posting ongoing photos to his Facebook page now.

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