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The Coming Attack On Social Security

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The next attack on the Social Security Trust fund is far more likely than the last one to succeed.
The difference will be that public sympathy for the Program is being (intentionally) eroded by reductions in the amount of service the Social Security Administration can supply, at a time when the demands for that service will be growing exponentially as folks my age start to cash in our chits.

The appropriation for the Agency has been shrunk every year for the last 5 years, approximately. There have been thousands upon thousands of lay-offs in local and regional centers. People wait months for appointments. It's like the GOPuke/Fascist motherfuckers are creating a disaster, and ruining the popular support for the program, on purpose.

I know, to believe that, you'd have to suspect that this Social Security example is another step in the fascist/corpoRatist program, adopted enthusiastically by the Raygunauts and perpetuated ever since by 'leaders' of both 'Parties', to alienate the People from every instrument and institution that might support the autonomy of the "commons" and the authority of democratic self-governance. Nobody'd ever believe that...

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