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The costs of living a lie

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D.C. tops nation in drug, alcohol abuse

Drug and alcohol abuse rates are higher in the District than anywhere else in the country, and experts say the wide availability of drugs, high stress levels and difficulties getting abusers into treatment fuel the city's persistently stratospheric rates.

The political elite/lobbyist/celebrity press corps axis of hubris know that they are living a lie. They know they are perpetuating a terrible hoax on the country. And they know, at some level, that their lives are a vicious lie. This takes a toll.

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Submitted by lambert on

... he was projecting. Perfect.

The link is interesting on the "parties," too. And the after-parties, no doubt. If one is looking for the social mechanism where Versailles hysteria gets transmitted and turned into universal opinion, that's the mechanism (and not visits to Congressional offices, I would bet). That's what CD would say, I'm sure, and congratulate me for understanding, like, six years late.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

but if you are a worker bee you have to cope with the conflict between your capricious delusional overlords and reality, like Dilbert only much worse. For the poor it is simply a matter of despair.