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The death of birtherism

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It is not just that it did not work at the Presidential level. Birtherism is an embarrassment that drove people from the party. America is a nation weak enough to be racist, but strong enough to be ashamed of it. Thus the need for dog whistle politics. A candidate's racism must carry plausible denialbility.

One thing about the right wing, they can turn on a dime, so we won't hear anything about birtherism anymore, which will be a relief.

Conservatism has always been about strategic hate management, from Rum Romenism and Rebellion, to McCarthyism, to Jim Crow, it has always been about hate management.

I suspect they will double down on the war on women and gays, but use more dog whistles.

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It is not just a tool of the Republicans, unfortunately. The key for both parties is to keep us distracted by the outrageous expressions of the other side at the extreme so we won't notice they are both dismantling Social Security, Medicare and every other thing.