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The Doctor's Right, Again

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On Gore's Nobel award:

Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean


said in a statement, "No other person has worked harder or done more to draw much needed attention to the crisis of global climate change, one of the most critical issues facing our planet. Future generations will thank him for his work to save our way of life. But the fight is far from over. His example should motivate each one of us to commit ourselves to doing everything we can in our own lives to save our precious planet."

And then of course there's the wingnut response...

...*** crickets *** ...


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of the number of times I've said "Howard was right again."

Probably as many times as I've said "Those goddamn Republicans are at it again."

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Sarah and Corrine both agree about Howard being right. But how many times in the last 7+ years have we been reminded over and over that Al was also right? Or even Kerry? Heck or even Clinton, Bill? North Korea, anyone?

So, if we do not do our utmost, work our hardest and be most vociferous and active in the upcoming primary will we have to say: Edwards, Kuchinich, Dodd, Obama, Richardson, Gravel were right? Or if the worst comes to pass, for four more years will we have to say " Clinton, Hillary was right?"

So, work your heart out for your favorite candidate in the primaries, and then when he or she loses, suck it up and work doubly hard for whichever Dem candidate becomes the standard bearer. Because this nation can not, under any circumstance survive another 4 years of Republican "leadership".