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The everyman shark fighter

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From one shark fighter to another, I raise a glass to actor Roy Scheider, who passed away yesterday.

Richard Dreyfuss tells us he "was a pretty civilized human being — you can’t ask for much more than that."

"Scheider," his AP obit says, "was also politically active. He participated in rallies protesting U.S. military action in Iraq, including a massive New York demonstration in March 2003 that police said drew 125,000 chanting activists."

He evoked a unique blend of craggy toughness and deep vulnerability. I love him in everything, especially the descent into Hell that was William Friedkin's Sorcerer.

Years ago, when I was dining at the old New Wave Restaurant Cafe in NYC (don't let the name fool you, we're talking your basic old-school lunch place), Roy sat down at the table next to ours.

I wouldn't have known what to say to him except maybe, "Thanks for being Roy Scheider."

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