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"The Federation for Democratic Reform"

This a fine post by RiverDaughter (not least because it mentions the 12 word platform). Here is the nut graf:

We need to organize and do it quickly. I have suggested an umbrella group called a Federation for Democratic Reform based on the Christian Coalition model. The purpose would be to organize a voting bloc, to lobby effectively, to vet candidates and to promote the policies that we want to see. Since we are as uncooperative as cats, I suggest we adopt the “12 Word Platform” and make holding the line on the social insurance programs as our first goal.

Now, I am an idea rat. I am not good at organizing. You should see my file cabinet and my car. But I am good at spotting trends. And the trend that I see is despite the crowds and protests in Greece and Spain, the governments in both countries are totally ignoring what the people actually want. And while Greece has a real problem with its tax system, the US does not. There is no reason why the 300+ million of us have to tolerate the theft of the money that the wealthy took for their ridiculous tax cuts in the past 30 years. We shouldn’t have to put up with the dismantling of our social insurance programs simply because Wall Street wants more money to put on the global craps table. We don’t need to endure failing infrastructure and expensive wars and have a bunch of wealthy media people running around like chickens with their heads cut off hysterical about some “fiscal cliff”. As the famous quote goes, “Your inability to plan ahead does not constitute an emergency for me”. In this case, it is beyond offensive that anyone in the media or government should make any of us working and middle class people feel sympathy for the absurdly wealthy or shame that we are asking for our money back or urgency to put all of our skin in the game so that the wealthy don’t have to put any in the game at all. Fuck that shit.

What is lacking here right now is the ability of the new deal proponents to coalesce and say FUCK THAT SHIT! That is what is needed. I would like to hear a discussion in the left blogosphere of how we intend to get the band back together.

Readers, what do you thinlk? One antidote to despair is action. As an evolutionary "Just So" story, one might almost imagine that is the purpose of despair, to get one to move away from whatever place one is in....

UPDATE Adding, if there were to be meetings (teach-ins?) at some venue (McDonalds with WiFi?) I think there would need to be something like "The 12-word rules" to go along with the 12-word platform. Yes, I'm thinking like a moderator here, but it's necessary not to have the groups I am already picturing blow apart.

Correntians, you're good at this sort of thing. What do you think the 12-word rules ought to be? Mine would be something like:

1. No party affiliation

2. No religious affiliation

3. No social media*

4. Be on time.

We might also have a twelve word tradition, of course ;-)

NOTE * Because I don't want to be data mined by the friggin NSA right of the box, mkay?

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Submitted by mtngun on

I like the sentiment of the 12 point plan, however, the most important message progressives should be pushing right now is that THE DEFICIT DOESN'T MATTER.

"Tax the rich" is a popular sentiment, but the problem with taxing the rich is that the rich will fight back, and they're good at fighting back. They own the politicians and control the media.

It's a false dichotomy to say that we must either tax the rich or else cut social programs.

Submitted by lambert on

... so designed for the war (as it were; I don't have better metaphors) not the battle.. So "the most important message" of the this month doesn't matter so much.

I understand, as an MMTer that taxes do not fund spending. However it is important to tax them (a) so they don't buy the government with the loose cash they've got lying aorund and (b) to prevent an aristocracy of inherited wealth.

The rich are going to fight back regardless. So I don''t think this can be finessed.

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Submitted by Alexa on

video by creating a "Tweet" to the website where I did successfully post my blog (it reads same as the one that I posted here).

You see, I was successful embedding the video there. It's working fine.

I'm not sure that we'll ever have such an explicit endorsement of the three draconian cuts to Social Security, as this 1:00 minute tape outlines.

[I have asked the webmaster as a courtesy, if he's got a problem with this. He knows that they are disallowing further "clipping."]

So, I'll make the Tweet (in case), but not "send it" until he clears this.

If he okays using a link to my post at his website, I was hoping to post Tweet here, in order to ask folks to Tweet and/or Facebook it.

[BTW, if you need me to use internal message, so as not to "hijack a thread," please let me know.]

Thanks. This little drama should be over today. LOL!


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Submitted by Alexa on

go for it!

I may add several more lines of transcript, if I can find the time.

Thanks much.

I sure hope that most folks here will Tweet or Facebook this video, and ASK EVERYONE THEY CAN THINK OF, to do so. [not yelling, just trying to emphasize. :bigsmile: ]

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Submitted by Alexa on

Federation for Democratic Reform.

I hope to bring this idea up when we get back.

I must say, that when there are "reforms" or changes (cuts) to any social program, there have to be some new parameters (regarding who's eligible, etc.) set. That simply can't be avoided.

But again, I'm for fighting to expand the benefits, not contract them. Thanks for highlighting her diary.