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The First Step to Real Power

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Good on you, Chris. One of the advantages of being ahead of the game is that you get to make decisions like this one, and Chris is showing he's a 'money where his mouth is' kind of guy. I encourage all of our readers with a little pocket change to toss in. No, I'm not getting any, but I agree with Chris and many others- sooner or later we're going to have to start getting serious about organization, compensation, and support. What, did you think Soros was going to do it for you?

It's like NPR, but without the Federal support. You like what you read on blogs? You like your new Democratic congress? Well, once in a while you have to be ready to pay for it. You know Republicans are so flush with your stolen tax dollars money that they can keep people like the Pantload and Drudge in slush money and cushy jobs, no matter how little money they make from blogging or writing. And as I've said before, for those of you who are activists, bloggers and Open Source types: the next step is to Unionize. Kudos, Chris. You're really proving yourself to be a leader.

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