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The Fiscal Grift

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Flags, red and white, white and blue—all along the curb. Used Cars. Good Used Cars.
Today's bargain—up on the platform. Never sell it. Makes folks come in, though. If we sold that bargain at that price we'd hardly make a dime.

- The Grapes of Wrath

As soon as I got the internet in 2003, I immediately found out that everything I thought was true about politics was wrong. I live in Redneckville, USA. We folks just weren't exposed to people from other parts of the world before the web.

I joined some international forums, and brought up health care. When I explained what US health care is like for many, people from Germany, Scotland, Australia, and England were shocked.

"Are they trying to just kill off the poor over there? This just sounds like eugenics?"

I was a child during the Clinton years and felt hopeless during the Bush years, and then...this guy, who in viral videos, talked about the virtues of single payer, arrived. I got involved in hyperlocal politics. Those deeply involved with The Party whispered The Plan. And I believed them.

I was quietly also following an obscure rightwing blog, that was posting stuff like this in 2008/2009 (site crashed in 2010 and had to be reloaded.)

Once The New FDR was saying on TV "the public option was never a core part of my plan" I knew something was very wrong. I tried to keep the faith, but skepticism quickly transformed into cynicism.

I'm trying to stay involved in hyperlocal politics. Even the professional political folks aren't omnipotent. Biased, sure, but we all are. I mean, there are some career hacks lurking about (and fucking up Occupy, I suspect) but I have to believe that most people who want careers as public servants are altruistic.

I can't really be the person super-involved in hyperlocal politics because of the 2 small kids and no car thing. So I have to have faith in their motives and reporting and directives. But sometimes, with some of them...

But I can't shake this conviction that those of us who closely follow national politics obsessively are obligated to be involved with our hyperlocal people. The disconnect between the two groups can account for a LOT of the dysfunction on the left, I think. But whereas we who follow national politics are at the mercy of the hyperlocal watchers, they have Kos, and CNN, WaPo, etc. When we try to convince them we're being scammed by The Party on the national level, we sound insane.

Flags, red and white, white and blue—all along the curb. Used Cars. Good Used Cars.
Today's bargain—up on the platform.

- The Grapes of Wrath

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