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The Real Reason for the Invasion and Occupation

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Forget dead troops. Forget a trillion dollars missing from the treasury. The war is about making money, and when you factor in the upward direction of oil prices due to speculation and neoliberalism, this data makes a lot of sense. If you're an oil exec taking advantage of the new Iraqi "constitution" which gives away oil revenues to Western interests, that is:

Iraq is sitting on potential reserves of 100 billion barrels, nearly twice as much as currently estimated, according to a study by energy analysts IHS.

If these reserves were exploited, it said, Iraq could overtake Saudi Arabia as the world's top oil producer.

But a major improvement in security and investment was needed, it added.

'Golden opportunity'

The IHS survey, which examined Iraq's oil reserves both before and after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, is the most comprehensive conducted since the 2003 invasion.

It found that Iraq had known reserves of 116 billion barrels and could be sitting on a further 100 billion barrels.

Current output of two million barrels a day is lower than in early 2003, when three million barrels were being pumped, and almost half that being produced in 1979.

However, it said Iraq had the capacity to increase production to four million barrels by 2012 and to further increase that to six million within time.

"Iraq's reserves are clearly phenomenal," said Ron Mobed, president and chief operating officer of IHS, adding that they represented a "gold star opportunity".

Don't tell me someone didn't have these numbers in 2002. Someone who'd write the memo "sweep it all up," re: 9/11. Yeah, yeah, WMDs and freedom fries and blah blah...this is the Oil Administration, and they're not that smart. But they do have people who can add. Best of all, they suckered you, America, into paying for the invasion and occupation of their newest oil fields. I'm sure the families of the thousands of dead American solidiers would agree: the sacrifice was worth it. After all, we want grandbaby Cheney and its friends to have that sixth house in Gstaad.

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This war was supposed to show the world that we will live out the energy crisis in comfort and everyone else can eat a dick.

Of course, the war was an absolute belly flop and proved precisely the opposite: we're junkies, desperate and suffering from withdrawal and willing to sacrifice anything for a new oilfield regardless of cost.

But I still believe
And I will rise up with fists!!

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There is more to it than oil. When good old Nixon decided our dollar didn't REALLY have to be backed with gold...IMO this was the beginning of this mess...

In steps Kissinger and his GHW pays off the Saudi Family and OPEC so that all oil is sold to all countries in the petrodollar...

then it all goes to the IMF then theres the BCCI affair WTO bla bla bla

They did not bargain on a new European Union though and many parts of the Union have had it with the US they want to trade in Euros..Iraq wanted to switch, so does Syria,Iran,Korea and Chavez HAS switched already. Norway is next...I wonder what terrorist act will come from them?

The Suads have been posturing, what if they persuade OPEC to switch?

These idiots have opened Pandora's box and put our country in a very dangerous position. If we lose the Middle East we lose the dollar. When other countries stop using it what will happen to the market? What if China see us for the Paper tiger Mao mentioned in his little red book and pulls their stock?

The only answer I see is to get completely away from using oil. Brazil did it.

SO whats your answer to this mess?

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Im going with the "confluence of reasons" for the invasion.
Sure future oil was good.
We also have:
he tried to kill my daddy.
daddy couldnt do it and I could.
Itll throw more influence to intel. (#41 benefits)
Haliburton wins (dicks reason)
short term instability will cause/allow (via manipulation of futures markets) oil prices to spike resulting in a huge windfall for oil men.
itll avenge vietnam.
republican masculin leadership.
cow the public/looky, Im a war preznit.

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Sure, the yellow-bellied slacker is in it for graft along with Dick the dick and the other Chebushits. But this is not a war that was started just over oily lucre, or even to Oedipally diddle deddy. Our troops are dying for votes. We were conned and lied into Iraq to let Dodger George pose in a uniform he disgraced. Why, if the sheep had been given time to consider Georgie's dereliction of duty that oiled the way for 9/11 and his appalling show of feckless cowardice on the day of the attack, they might have actually considered a real war hero over a puling spoiled brat in 2004. You know, a documented Silver Star over a yellow streak that still gleams like a rotten mackerel in the moonlight despite the purging of the slacker's TANG personnel file. This fiasco is as much Rove's doing as anybody else's (including lickspittal-and-comb Wolfie and the rest of the neo-con combat keyboarders, and Cheney with his Iraq-oil-field maps studied by his "energy task force.")
These corrupt charlatans have squandered our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor. All for Operation Elect W.
That is how dismal our masters really are. This is how far our once proud nation has sunk into an oil-flecked sea of deceit.