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The sequester: Watch what they do, not what they say

What they did was pretty simple: The House passed a bill, the Senate passed a bill, and the President signed it. Civics 101: "How a bill becomes a law." And now the law is being enforced.*

So Hunter over at the Great Orange Satan (hat tip Atrios) writes this:

You gigantic dumbass. Sorry; there's just no other way to put it. The entire purpose of "sequestration" was to be cuts enforced without choice. The mechanism was meant to be so abominable that not even the human clusterf--ks that are our current Congress could stomach them; they were meant to be such a severe and absurdist outcome that surely, surely o surely, some group of non-imbicilic representatives would look around in horror, surgically remove the talking points from their lower intestines, and for one brief shining budgetary moment have a negotiation on how government will be funded in the coming few years that was not predicated on simply burning the whole thing down and calling it Freedum.

Well, that's what they said ("meant to be"). But that's just kayfabe.

What happened was that Obama delivered cuts for his owners. The cuts inflict great suffering on the poor, the old, children, and working people, which makes the elites happy, because their environment is morally pathological, as Jeffrey Sachs points out. Also, the elites think that taxes fund government spending, so they think that cutting the government will cut their taxes, and they hate taxes, because they believe that taxes, in part, go to help people they hate (like us). So, Obama delivers the goods for his owners, and best of all, he gets to blame the Republicans for it all, a task that his proxy, Hunter, performs for him superbly. Kayfabe once more.

NOTE * Except for the parts that personally affect Congresscritters or their friends, like flying back to their constituents on airplanes.

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Submitted by NWLuna on

always a smart way to tell the real motivation of a politician.

My other favorite is "Follow the money," which also gets you to the same place.

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be implemented?

Hunter, one of the few writers I’d bother to click over to the great orange website to read.

Dear Hunter and commentariat, this government sequestration looks very familiar to those who know project management. It’s just like one of the latest fads, Lean. In business, Lean management essentially means that you cut the budget, resources, etc of a department or program you’ve targetted, usually by 50% or so. (layoffs ensue, hard assets get sold, software applications shut down, branch offices closed, etc.) Then, you executives sit back and wait to see what fails. Of the massive crap which has failed, you examine how bad is the screaming and pain which results and determine whether you care about it or not. Does the pain affect your company’s bottom line, are your customers pissed off? If not, ignore it (if it’s just the employees whining, definitely ignore it). If so, very slowly refund the tiniest bits you can to get the screaming to stop. This is your new ‘streamlined’ budget. This is precisely what the government is doing with sequestration. And if it ‘works’ this time, they will do it again.

I don’t imagine for a minute that when this was proposed and accepted as a solution by Obama and congress, that they didn’t know exactly what they were doing. I’ve never expected that they would change anything at all before it hit. Not sure why anyone thinks it will change now.