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There are not very many of the Shing

Nation of Change:

“We’ve seen a 400 percent increase since 2008 in political spending by outside organizations,” Rob McCord, treasurer for the state of Pennsylvania, said Tuesday in a conference call to discuss the new SEC moves.

“The creepy thing is that more than 60 percent of this money was from super PACs” – political action committees allowed to spend unlimited amounts of money – “funded by just over 100 individuals.”

That's not very many individuuals, is it?

We should not forget that although the curtain is very large, and very richly embroidered, there are not very many men behind the curtain that we need to pay attention to.

UPDATE I Googled for the right illustration from The Wizard of Oz, but couldn't find it. Fortunately, the Library of Congress scanned a version and put it online! Another win for public purpose.

NOTE Headline reference from Ursula LeGuin, City of Illusion:

"How do you know I'm going to Es Toch?" Falk asked, wrapping the soft leather robe about him like a toga.

"Because you're not human," said the old man. "And remember, I am the Listener. I know the compass of your mind, outlandish as it is, whether I will or no. North and south are dim; far back in the east is a lost brightness; to the west there lies darkness, a heavy darkness. I know that darkness. Listen. Listen to me, because I don't want to listen to you, dear guest and blunderer. If I wanted to listen to men talk I wouldn't live here among the wild pigs like a wild pig. I have this to say before I go to sleep. Now listen: There are not very many of the Shing. That's a great piece of news and wisdom and advice. Remember it, when you walk in the awful darkness of the bright lights of Es Toch. Odd scraps of information may always come in handy. Now forget the east and west, and go to sleep. You take the bed. Though as a Thurro-dowist I am opposed to ostentatious luxury, I applaud the simpler pleasures of existence, such as a bed to sleep on. At least, every now and then. And even the company of a fellow man, once a year or so. Though I can't say I miss them as you do. Alone's not lonely…" And as he made himself a sort of pallet on the floor he quoted in an affectionate singsong from the Younger Canon of his creed: "'I am no more lonely than the mill brook, or a weathercock, or the north star, or the south wind, or an April shower, or a January thaw, or the first spider in a new house…I am no more lonely than the loon on the pond that laughs so loud, or than Walden Pond itself' ".

Then he said, "Good night!" and said no more. Falk slept that night the first sound, long sleep he had had since his journey had begun.

Lovely writing from LeGuin, as always, but the exchange rings true to me because of the premise of the novell: The Shing are an alien race who have taken over the Earth because of their ability to lie telepathically, something humans cannot to. The parallel between The Shing and today's winger squillionaires seems pretty close to me. As well as what they've done to the world and its people.

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been funding groups in Midwestern states (Great Lakes states) which were developing and managing searchable data bases of anonymous political donations, announced funding cuts, apparently of all their donation. Through hard digging, these data base managing groups were able to determine many of the donors or at least the Super PACs.


Funding has been cut in half for the Wsiconsin group. No explanation for the cuts had been offered as of the time of the report.

Hhhmmm.... Power brought to bear on the foundation itself? Or secrecy is too important to allow the voters to know where the money is coming from and who's getting it?

Koch money and ALEC legislation have had terrible effects on most of the Great Lakes states.