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These Kids Today! Or, Why He Hates Hillary

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You simply have to see this video:

The more people see her, the more people realize she's a dumb bitch.... I'm not asking for anyone to assassinate her - that would be fantastic but it would also be very sad because that means the death of a human but whatever - that upsets Amnesty International or something.

UPDATE I've listened to the video several times, and it certainly seems authentic to me; that is, not planted disinformation. That said, I can't verify the speakers claim that he did, in fact, campaign for Barack Obama.--Lambert.

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Submitted by snow-moon on

BUSH KIDS - a generation raised on torture and preemptive war.
(remember little Rhoda in "The Bad Seed?)

I recently ran across this disturbing YouTube comment:

"this is a sad song but i don't think anything was wrong with the europeans coming here. the indians were never gonna nothing with this contient but keep it in the 'stone age'. I feel bad they got killed and all."


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After all the venom thrown in her direction from the right AND the left? If this guy is representative of the new generation of voters Obama brought to the polls, then there isn't much to be proud of.

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I put the YouTube directly into the post.

Apparently he was a precinct captain in Vegas, too...

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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Submitted by Susie from Philly on

I'm pretty sure the guy's for real. Go read his comments on the YouTube page.

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Of course, if he said the same kind of crap about Obama, it would be posted at Kos as evidence of Hillary's evil campaign of cold, calculated hate speech.

More liberal media at The Sideshow.

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I thought he was just some random kid. Obama himself has stated he sets very rigorous standards for his campaign staff, including volunteers, so if this kid didn't get the "new politics" memo, how will the rest of America? And, lastly, can someone tell these asshats that the whole presumption that being Muslim is a smear is not only counterproductive, since it feeds the fear, but also bigoted? Thanks.

Whatever, I'm probably just jealous of his exceptional knowledge of the facts (Clinton--not Obama--lied no matter what the Canadian government says!).

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I'm waiting for my tech guy to figure out why I can't play embedded video's - especially ones from youtube

I would really appreciate some indication of what is happening in the video, and what is being said, or song, or whatever

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and (leah) the italicized portion is accurately transcribed. It's basically a tour of every talking point about why Hillary sucks, interspersed with talking points on polling and delegates. But I can't imagine it's a parody, because it doesn't give off the knowing air that parodies do. So, the guy may be a fake, but I don't think the video is. If you see my distinction.

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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and certainly inarticulate. He can't even get his sources right. But the kid is also a victim. How many right wing talking points did he point to? Evil, she slept her way to the top (just like Bill?), unqualified. Misogynistic remarks are well with us and reflected in America's youth.

And yet of all the thoughts pouring through my mind as I watched this sad video, the most prevalent is how hard it will be bridge the divide now current in the Democratic Party. He likely won't vote for Clinton in the Fall and I won't vote for Obama in the Fall either. Pretty sad state of affairs. Charles Krauthammer's recent op-eds in the Washington Post point to this fact. The pessimists among us are likely to vote GOP.

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Submitted by snow-moon on

The Republican Party, I believe, has been taking very careful notes during this Primary. Every aspect of Obama's success will be copied and improved upon.

Expect a transformative, young, "change" candidate to emerge in the Republican Party for 2012 or 2016.

Kids like the one in this video are not Democrats --they're followers of a charismatic personality. Party doesn't mean anything to them.

Many of these new, young voters Obama claims to have attracted to the Democratic Party may well be offset by the next wave of impressionable youth (many of whom are in elementary school now) -- a group that may well lean right of center.

Who knows what's being groomed for the next round?

I predict a hot, young Latin man (or woman) in the GOP's future-- and it could even be another Bush!

Watch closely during the next couple of conventions for clues.

Obama didn't just appear out of thin air- he was selected, groomed, and ultimately given a prominent prime-time slot at the 2004 convention where he made his public debut.

It's too bad he wasn't vetted more thoroughly-- or we wouldn't be in this mess now.

One final thought: destroying the Clinton brand is a big part of the GOP's long-term strategy. The hatred being cultivated-- on the Left and Right-- is not just a remnant of attitudes from the 90s. It's a necessary part of their goal to make the Clinton name (Bill's Presidency and Hillary's Candidacy) synonymous with failure. A successful Hillary Clinton Presidency is their worst nightmare.

The kid in this video is a good example of their early success. It's a kind of brainwashing that has produced this much hate. And he's one of ours.

Have a nice day everyone!