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They are crazy, OK?

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Double trouble: House GOP eyes default, shutdown

The Republicans are crazy, except the ones like Eric Cantor who seek to profit from a default. And I don't think that the bankster backers will call them back, there is even a possibility that the banksters are egging them on. The banksters may see to personally profit while the government bails out their companies.

This is why we need to keep talking about the coin.

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Submitted by lambert on

Like Nixon's mad man theory.

I think Obama's going to let them make the running on cuts, and then reluctantly accept some large percentage of them. With career "progressives" orgasming at Obama's statesmanship and savvy every step of the way, no doubt.

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

In a roundabout way, of course, viz. shouting (ostensibly only) to the "bad bad bad" Republicans that "We are not a nation of deadbeats!"

Very clever. With one phrase, he not only calls Republicans "deadbeats" (a clever ploy to paint them as the very enemies they hate) but also the millions of the rest of us -- the increasingly clear-eyed citizenry who know that "deficit," "debt ceiling," "fiscal cliff" and "our government as household," are fabrications in the service of rolling out the full-fledged Austerity Tanks.

I see this as a ratcheting up of The Obama's anti-Progressive rhetoric.