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They're Not ALL Morans

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Late to the fucking party, pal.

They're all MORANS for not having the smarts or the guts to call bullshit long ago.

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Stand up and be counted!
Spill the kool-aid on the ground!
Kick out the jams, motherfuckers!
Time to release the hounds!


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...who have dropped out so that the terrists don't win.

couldn't help myself, it was a guava ready for the pluckin'

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I think that, given the methods the wingnuts use to keep "order" in the country, not to mention the party, it may be much harder for a Republican to turn on the Rethuglicans. So don't put this guy down so quickly, he might have had a lot to overcome in terms of 'peer pressure,' and a much more perverse type of 'peer pressure' than most of us get.

I think the modern Republican party is a lot like a street gang -- and is about as hard to leave.

So cut people like this some slack, and welcome them into the land of reality. Think of them as the blind man cured by our Lord, or even as Lazarus, risen from the dead.