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Things are different this time around in Egypt

And I haven't been following the story closely, so I can't really do an analytical piece. However, I did find this from Al Jazeera interesting, because whatever the heck is going on over there isn't happening under Al Jazeera's cameras in Tahrir Square:

Port Said: New centre for Egypt's revolution
But none of these [post-Mubarak Supreme Council of the Armed Forces] crackdowns or those of the Mubarak regime matched the brutality of February 2012’s Port Said Stadium massacre. The soccer match, between Al-Ahly and Al-Masry teams, would otherwise have been unremarkable.

Like any other game, team fan clubs had gathered at the stadium and viewers from across the country had come down to watch the match. At the end of the match, chaos erupted: thugs, armed with knives and batons, attacked Ultras Ahly club members, throwing them off bleachers and mercilessly beating them.

The Ultras Ahly members had been the most active and vocal opponents of the SCAF junta; SCAF’s message, that resistance would not be tolerated, was clear to all. Official discourse insisted that the incident could be blamed on Al-Masry team fans or Port Said locals.

Some protesters hoisted the flag of their governorate, adding to it with black marker the line “Republic of Port Said”. Gamal Abdel Nasser-era music praising the city of Port Said as the heart of resistance played in the background.

Lots of good detail. Go read.

NOTE * However, I do remember getting a rough idea of the strength of the Muslim Brotherhood in the previous Egyptian revolution: I counted the beards in a big photograph of Tahrir Square. The percentage was, IIRC, 25%, about the same strength as the MB had in the general population. Not a strong enough base, I don't think, to force through the kind of Constitutional changes that Morsi is forcing through, absent the recreation of a police state. And as ever in Egypt, the question is where the Army stands and whether it will split. (For the leadership, on top of a big pile of money, but what then? There's a lot of ways to make money, and not all of them demand slaughtering thousands of civllians....)

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