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Bush Panopticon

He knows when you've been sleeping, He knows when you're awake...

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"Like a Windshield Cowboy" *


I've been wearin' these shades so long

Toutin' the same old wrong


I know every hole in these brushy acres at Crawford

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Where deception's the name
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Worth 10,000 Words


YES, This is EXACTLY the Problem:

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Was US Embassy in Iraq Built by Slaves?

Need to get as much push as possible behind My Man Henry on this:

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The First Lie

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Why did they quit? What are they doing now?



Could it have anything to do with Abramoff or Siegelman?

Could it have anything to do with tricks so dirty, Cheney was afraid of the backsplash? Read more about Why did they quit? What are they doing now?

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Things Are Getting Hotter in the Swampland: Touchy Capitol Police Ed

I assume you saw the following video, but I'll put it up again. Did you know he wasn't the only one tossed on his ass? The very kind and extremely gentlemanly (and white, and former CIA) Mr. McGovern also got kicked to the curb. His crime? Saying outloud, as Petraeus' mic was being clipped on, "Swear him in." Pathetic cowards, our Rulers in DC. Afraid of an old man and a preacher. Just sad. Go to a protest and find out for yourself. I'd say "break a leg," but that would be in really bad taste*:

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Trigger Hates the Constitution! Oh No!

Scroll forward to about 6:20 for the disturbing application of equine flesh in the service of authoritarianism:

Read more about Trigger Hates the Constitution! Oh No!

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TSA: Tall, Sexy, Available?

He's tall, he's smooth, and he's way better looking than his 'brother.' If I were a lonely TSA screener, I'd pull him out of line and whisk him to the front like a celebrity too. Although, I hope it was one of the TSA's more masculine types. Jus sayin. OTOH, I developed an instant crush on him when I met him in DC, so I totally understand how a SecurityGal could fall for him. Read more about TSA: Tall, Sexy, Available?

Pre-crime in Sidney


It's the reverse Midas touch! Everywhere Bush goes, things turn to shit. Take the APEC conference. From The Orstrahyun: Read more about Pre-crime in Sidney

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Another Blow to Personal Privacy: Don't Trust Your Cellphone


But the bottom of the story tells it all:

Halpin questioned the reliability of the data and argued that his privacy was invaded, since officials tracked him when he wasn't at work.

In fact, the data found Halpin on numerous occasions turned up early for his job, sometimes at 6 a.m. His shift started at 8 a.m.

Despite the extra hours Halpin put in without pay, Richard ruled that it didn't mitigate his early departures and recommended he be fired.

Massive operational DHS "ADVISE" data mining system using personally identifiable data suspended, one day after Gonzales bails

Coincidence? You be the judge. What's clear is that, as is typical of Bush's operations, the program was run without regard to the law. The Christian Science Monitor:

The $42 million cutting-edge [ADVISE] system, designed to process trillions of pieces of data, has been halted and could be canceled pending data-privacy reviews, according to a newly released report to Congress by the DHS's own internal watchdog.

So, how dirty are Harry and Nancy on warrantless surveillance?

A little more vintage 2006 Newsweek. Plowing through their article on the bureaucratic infighting surrounding the regime's various enabling laws on torture and warrantless surveillance, this sentence jumped out, though unsourced: Read more about So, how dirty are Harry and Nancy on warrantless surveillance?


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