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Class Warfare

NY's Political Crime Wave: Green's Hawkins Says Start Leg. Sessions With Lie Detector Test Not Pledge of Allegiance!


[email from Howie Hawkins, 3-10-11]

Green Party Decries Crime Wave at State Capitol -- Call for Lawmakers to Submit to Lie Detector Tests to Root Out Corruption

The Green Party of New York said today that state Democratic and Republican Parties have become an organized crime family at the State Capitol.

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How $100 makes your vote meaningless

By slipping in a BS $100 expenditure, MI state republicans have managed to foil any potential for the citizens of my fair state to be unable to repeal legislation that removes exemptions on taxing pensions and retirement income, while he has slashed business taxes, with a referendum!!!:

House bill could block referendum
LANSING — One $100 bill could block voters from a chance to stop more than a billion dollars in higher taxes.
Whether you think it’s a dirty trick or a smart move, a House bill to implement Gov. Rick Snyder’s proposal to eliminate tax credits and exemptions contains a $100 appropriation — enough to make the plan immune from a voter referendum. Read below the fold...

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Who needs civil rights anyway?


Wisconsin Republicans went nuclear and passed the anti-union part of the bill today, voting 18-1.

Matt Miller, leader of the Senate Democrats, issues a statement:

In thirty minutes, 18 State Senators undid fifty years of civil rights in Wisconsin. Their disrespect for the people of Wisconsin and their rights is an outrage that will never be forgotten. Tonight, 18 Senate Republicans conspired to take government away from the people. Tomorrow we will join the people of Wisconsin in taking back their government.

I hope that this crap doesn't fly. Maybe the court system? The House (ha ha ha)? Read below the fold...

Opening Day of Florida Hunting Season


The public library is 3 blocks north of the magnificent spire created (in days past) by the Florida legislature to serve as its chamber. Its previous chamber, the rotunda (also known as the twin domes), was slated for demolition until the legislature was overcome by nostalgia. An astute tourist, more impressed by Florida architecture than its government, once remarked:

"Oh, look, dear! We must be in Phallahassee."

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Green Party Hawkins: NY Guv Cuomo's Jaw-Dropping War on Poor, Working & Middle Class Families vs. Green New Deal


[email from office of Howie Hawkins, NY Green Party]

Green Party Calls for State Lawmakers to Reject Cuomo's Austerity Budget -- A Green New Deal would invest in jobs, education, fair taxes

Green Party of NY State leaders today called Gov. Andrew Cuomo's budget an attack on working and middle class New Yorkers that should be rejected by state lawmakers.

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An injury to one is an injury to all!


That's a quote from the blurb announcing that Family Farm Defenders is organizing a tractorcade into Madison this weekend. They're going to support their friends, family and neighbors. They're going because many of them work within co-ops and so understand the value of collective action. And they're going because their new Governor wants to gut the only kind of health care many of them can get/afford.

May Madison bask in solidarity and echo with the marble-in-a-coffee-can sound of compression ignition. Read below the fold...

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The Conservative Tradition of Attacking Teachers and Education


Cross posted from Real Economics.

So, Republicans and Tea-baggers today, after giving tens of billions in tax cuts to millionaires and corporations, are demanding steep cuts in state budgets, including for education. They are especially targeting teachers’ pay.

Some people just can’t wrap their minds around how utterly destructive the conservatives’ agenda is. A few days ago, daveinchi tried to get a grip on this with his DailyKos diary, DESTROY EVERYTHING: Nihilism on the "Right". Read below the fold...

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Impressions of the DC Protest Supporting Wisconsin

Last Saturday a protest expressing solidarity with the one in Madison, Wisconsin called “The Rally To Save the American Dream” occurred at DuPont Circle in Washington, DC. The protest was short, beginning at 12:00 Noon and ending at roughly 1:30 PM. It was organized by a coalition of progressive organizations including Move-on and Democracy for America. Union representation was also strong and included the DC Teachers Union, and the local Chapter of National Nurses United, a well as other local Unions. Read below the fold...

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For those of you living under a rock, Senate Bill 5 in Ohio passed today in a 17-16 vote.

The Republican-controlled Ohio Senate has passed a measure that would restrict the collective bargaining rights of roughly 350,000 teachers, university professors, firefighters, police officers and other public employees.


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Report from the Field: Life-and-Death Kabuki

I realize that the title of my post is a contradiction in terms, but I can't think of any other way to describe what's going on with federal Republicans and Democrats these days. Burnt Orange Boehner pulls out all the stops by demanding something outrageously batshit fucking crazy - like, the total defunding of Planned Parenthood - and then he stamps his little feet and says he'll shut down the government if he doesn't get it. The Democrats bang their fists on the table in outrage and say there's no way the Republicans will get what they want. But somehow, the deals are made, the governmental shutdown is avoided, and some horrible "compromise" is reached which, mysteriously, amazingly, benefits the top 2% of society. Read below the fold...

A good analysis of the "culture of protest in WI"

OK, its a HuffPo article, but I really liked this description of the protestors in WI, and the analysis tracks well with the principles discussed here: Read below the fold...

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Whose house? Yeah that's right.


Wisconsin judge orders Capitol to be reopened

Dane County Circuit Court Judge Daniel Moeser ordered state officials on Tuesday to open access. Moeser's order was granted without a hearing and specified it would stand until the trial court is able to schedule a hearing on the matter.

A hearing on the restraining order sought by the Wisconsin State Employees Union is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.

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Trouble Is When We Take the Truth Off the Table

Arianna Huffington is calling attention to “the great budget battle of 2011,” between the President and the Republicans. She correctly points out that whichever of the two sides win, we, the people, lose. She's right, of course, and says further:

Just look at this so-called "debate" we're having. The problem ostensibly on the table is the deficit. But, without any context, the raw deficit number is meaningless. If the country's debt were, say, $50 million, that wouldn't be a big deal. If some average American suddenly found himself $50 million in debt, well, that would be a big deal. And that's because the country's GDP is a lot bigger than the average person's income. So what we're talking about is really the debt-to-GDP ratio.

Yet the debate is concentrated almost entirely on the debt side of the equation and barely at all on ways to increase the GDP side. . . .

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