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Class Warfare

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Afghans for Wisconsinites


From Afghanistan: We Support the People of Wisconsin and the World

We Afghans Are All Bouazizi
By Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers

Afghan youth are quietly encouraged by the Egyptian uprising because the people of Afghanistan want what the people of Egypt want.

We are all Bouazizi.

We want dignified livelihoods.

Dare any scientist prove to us that 30 years of wars and more to come will successfully bring us decent livelihoods? Dare any human being prove to us that mutual killings somehow bring men and women some measure of murderous dignity?

Aren’t any of you curious about whether there are any ‘stirrings of Middle East change’ in Afghanistan?” Read below the fold...

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The Simplest and Best Way Out

Well, the proverbial s__t is now hitting the fan in our State Governments, and we're looking at struggles in State after State between newly elected Republican Governors scapegoating civil servants, while they insist that taxes can't be raised on the wealthy and large corporations during a recession. Put briefly, the moves to austerity and the resulting conflicts in Wisconsin and other States are partly Democrats' fault, because they failed to pass a State revenue sharing bill to close the gap in State budgets, so that no cuts in services, employee benefits, or jobs would be necessary. Read below the fold...

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How Voters Can Get Control of the 2012 Virginia Senate Race

The 2012 Virginia Senate race is shaping up as a contest between former Governor and Senator George F. Allen, and former Governor Tim Kaine, both establishment candidates in the legacy parties and heavily favored to win their respective nominations. They will couch their messages in terms calculated to resonate with Virginia voters. But once elected, if recent history is any guide, their legislative priorities will diverge significantly from the priorities of the voters who elect them because they will be heavily influenced by special interests that finance their campaigns. Read below the fold...

Will Madison be our Cairo?


[Leaving this stick again. Readers, please post updates in comments. --lambert]

[Readers, Votermom asks What can we do? Please post numbers to call, things to do in the comments. Thanks! --lambert]

You won't find it on its front page section "Protests for Democracy", but CNN is reporting that 15 more school districts will close today [#104] as teachers make their way to Madison, WI to join the protest against Gov. Walker's anti union bill. Wisconsin teachers call in sick Read below the fold...

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Congressman Moran and the Interactive Voter Choice System

In previous posts, I've looked at the Interactive Voter Choice System (IVCS) in from a number of different perspectives, hopefully illuminating in general terms how it would work to enable us to restore American Democracy. Read below the fold...

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The Worst Thing Ever Invented


In this age of supposedly fighting against rulers and on behalf of oppressed peoples, the Vietnam War offers an interesting case in which the U.S. policy was to avoid overthrowing the enemy government but to work hard to kill its people. To overthrow the government in Hanoi, it was feared, would draw China or Russia into the war, something the United States hoped to avoid. But destroying the nation ruled by Hanoi was expected to cause it to submit to U.S. rule. Read below the fold...

The Ronald Reagan We Remember, And Not So Fondly


It would take an entire library to move the mountain of fake history spun around the life and career of Ronald Reagan by now. Sometimes only a cartoon can approach the truth.

Aaron McGruder, in this intro to a Boondocks episode of a couple years ago, comes as close to capturing a piece of the mean and nasty spirit of the Gipper as anybody ever will.

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War on Banksters

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Marie Antoinette speaks out about worker pay and benefits


Via the Sideshow:

How they really think about you:

At the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland, on Saturday, Larry Summers, former head of the White House National Economic Council, endorsed Barack Obama's stimulus spending.

"The highest priority has to attach to establishing strong and significant growth," said Summers....

Read below the fold...
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Do you live in Missouri?


Write a letter to the editor explaining how Claire McCaskill's latest blunder will hurt America. Read below the fold...

Can Kucinich Drive A Stake Through the Zombie Heart of the Fed? (Part 1-Return to Jekyll Island)


Stop talking about Kucinich and the olive pit. Forget about the ride on Air Force One.

Kucinich has positioned himself to plunge a stake through the zombie heart of the arch enemy of American well being, The Federal Reserve Bank.

WE HAVE GOT TO HELP HIM AND PAY ATTENTION. The Bank Mafia of America has captured the minds, hearts and souls of almost all of our amoral leadership in the administration and Congress who have to a grotesque degree stopped watchdogging our rights and needs for a stunning amount of time now.

Abandon all hope that Obama or the legacy Democratic Party will rally to save Americans from economic terrorism. In fact, trust that they will rally to enable the economic terrorists. Read below the fold...

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Decades in Making: U.S. Police State

Andrew Kolin's new book "State Power and Democracy: Before and During the Presidency of George W. Bush" actually begins with the war for independence and continues into the Obama years. A 231-page monotone recounting of endless facts, it doesn't pick up with Bush the Lesser until page 137. Kolin chronicles a gradual slide into an imperial presidency that really got going after World War II. Along the way he chronicles the damage done to the forces of resistance, making a compelling case that our movements for peace and justice are weak in part because of the extreme repression of recent decades. Read below the fold...


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