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Not Enuf Ado About US Ignoble Ally Saudi Arabia

Christopher Brauchli in “With Friends Like These... Intolerance, Saudi-Style” chronicles some seriously unpleasant prosecutions from one of the USA’s closest allies, Saudi Arabia: Read more about Not Enuf Ado About US Ignoble Ally Saudi Arabia

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How Kool Aid is manufactured

Ryan Lizza's write up of Jim Webb is so bad it is embarrassing.

In his senatorial race, Webb did well not only in northern Virginia, which is filled with Washington commuters and college-educated liberals, but also with rural, working-class white voters in Appalachia.

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Bezos makes the Washington Post worse

Ronald Reagan’s No. 1 superfan now runs the Washington Post

I want to add some thoughts to the Salon article. The Washington Post has problems way beyond the typical "finding a business model in the digital age" problem. Way beyond.

The Washington Post is a right wing Republican newspaper in a Democratic town. The inside-the-beltway precincts have gone Democratic in every presidential election since 1960, every single one. Read more about Bezos makes the Washington Post worse

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Tweet of the Day

We Are Being Suckered Into More War, Maybe Nuclear

The NewsHour did a special feature tonight called “Is Obama’s foreign policy doctrine working?” They launched the story with a sound bite of John McCain accusing the Obama administration of “talking loudly but carrying a little stick.”

That accusation set the tone and framing of the interview. "Is Obama self-confidently militaristic enough?" was the seeming and limited focus, Read more about We Are Being Suckered Into More War, Maybe Nuclear

Ukraine [W]reckoning: Disaster Capitalism, Nazism, Media Propaganda

So after an ugly 25-year Middle Eastern trail of blood and tears, dead or maimed bodies, massive displacement and devastation, the US government, its military, its corporate media and its predatory fellow country flunkies, drifting toward fascism as much as the US is, are defying international law, yet again, all in the name of “freedom.”

And, unfrigginbelievably getting away with it. Read more about Ukraine [W]reckoning: Disaster Capitalism, Nazism, Media Propaganda

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Plutocratic Broadcasting Network

The News Hour

Why abolishing the corporate income tax is good for American workers

Editor’s Note: Our regular Social Security columnist Larry Kotlikoff is taking a week off from answering your Social Security questions. This week, he’s addressing readers’ concerns with his call in the New York Times to abolish the corporate income tax.

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War on Hillary redux

The Hillary Clinton hit list

Hillary Rodham Clinton during her failed presidential campaign kept a "hit list" of lawmakers who she and staff believed had slighted her or her husband, former President Bill Clinton, an upcoming book by two reporters says.

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What's wrong with the press

It is incredible that Forbes gives space to this lunatic while wise men like Joe Firestone and Warren Mosler are exiled to the internet. Read more about What's wrong with the press

John Kerry Lipsticks the Syrian War Pig

The humanitarian crisis in Syria is an indictment of the United States, Britain and the other major powers that have deliberately stoked the sectarian civil war, and given support to a rag-tag opposition, dominated by reactionary Islamist tendencies, in a bid to oust the Assad regime and install a pliant puppet government. The US and its allies cynically exploit the social disaster they have helped create, in order to intensify the push to remove Assad. Oliver Campbell

---------- Read more about John Kerry Lipsticks the Syrian War Pig

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Role reversal

Reading about the New York Times take on the election in Ecuador I can't help but think that there has been a North/South role reversal. We are the ones with a strong man who arrogates the right to murder anyone with a drone for writing bad things on the Internet and South America is electing the reformers. Read more about Role reversal


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