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Emergent Conspiracy

"Many entities acting out of very different, self-interested motives but the end result is a conspiracy. Multiple actors working together, with tight coordination even if not strict command and control, towards a common goal." (<a href="

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Resistance is Futile!

Sez Booman, it's really not that bad once you learn to submit:

Barack Obama knew better than to rely on the existing infrastructure, created by the blogosphere, to fight back against the Bush administration and the media. We are too stridently partisan to be messengers of a new kind of politics. He had to step around the gatekeepers of the blogosphere, much to their chagrin. Barack Obama's greatest accomplishment is the organization that he created. He used our tools and his own message. And he won. He could not have won any other way. And that makes him both our greatest representative, and someone who doesn't really need us at all. All of you should go join up on his website and meet your neighbors that are supporting him, and get organized. For presidential stuff, there is no reason to use the blogosphere at all. Use Obama's own tools.

Dear God. I've held back on the Obama cult accusations for a while now; many of my friends and family support him. But Booman... wtf? I don't even know where to begin with this. It is the Borg. No, wait, it's the Heaven's Gate cultists leaving behind their earthly bodies to merge with the higher consciousness.

Actually, I've got it! It's like in the Matrix, where the humans created the machines and then after they fought it out the machines kept the humans alive as tiny generators, feeding them the liquified remains of their brethren.

Not because they had to. Not because we even deserved it, as strident and partisan as we were. But because they're merciful!

So, come on, everyone. Leave your individual thoughts behind. Take the blue pill and relax. Ignorance is bliss!

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Who Obama supported for Mayor

So this is the guy that Obama supported as Mayor

Any choice is a better choice than Obama dudes. Read more about Who Obama supported for Mayor

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Does following politics lead to drinking?

Perhaps. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area there are a couple of upcoming opportunities to explore the subject: a BARBARian drinkfest Saturday, April 12 in Bezerkeley and a first time Bay Area SadlyNo fest in Our Fair City tentatively scheduled for Friday, April 18. After all, movements are made up of strangers who get to know each other. Read more about Does following politics lead to drinking?

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Dallas Protection of Obama Shameful

What the fuck? What the hell kind of chicken shit outfit are they running in Dallas? This is one Kennedy analogy we really don’t need. If you don’t know how to properly secure a venue, call me. Jack Douglas of the Star Telegram: Read more about Dallas Protection of Obama Shameful

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One of these things is not like the others

Was just perusing, and this particular set of candidate mugshots jumped out at me. How about you?

Notice anything curious?

Maybe Ron never smiles in public. Yeah, that must be it. Read more about One of these things is not like the others

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Phat vs Heavy: TimeWarner to Fix Pricing to Download Volume

"Phat" is a great word, you can use it in so many fun ways, even little kids can say it (that's actually really cute when it happens). Many fine things are Phat: blunts, cars, clothes, people's backsides. But what comes to your mind when I say heavy?
Read more about Phat vs Heavy: TimeWarner to Fix Pricing to Download Volume

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ACLU 2007 Cheers and Jeers

I love lists. I make them, I read them, I collect them...the ACLU made a list for 2007 your should read:

2007: The Year We Didn’t Get Our Freedoms Back

Top 10 ways our government failed us:

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Filipino Monkey


Filipino Monkey

my baby was crying the other night
she lay still just like a stone
she said ’honey, I will get you’
but the voice was not her own

I looked underneath the bed
I looked around the door
I looked every damn place I could
until I couldn’t look no more

but when it was time for loving
she made just like a junkie
she said she had a new lover
the filipino monkey

filipino monkey
took my baby away
filipino monkey
laughing in the bay
come and get me, monkey
come right out and play
but there was only laughter
the filipino monkey way

I joined up in the Navy
to see the seven seas
headed over to Hormuz
got a new pair of jet skis Read more about Filipino Monkey

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Even More Voting Follies: NH Ed.

Now, I would not go so far as to say 'Hillary stole NH.' I don't have any evidence for that at all. But gosh! AT isn't exactly a foil-lover's CT rag, now is it? cautiously eyes lambert Perhaps this guy is about to get nothing but egg on his face, it's still an interesting read.
Read more about Even More Voting Follies: NH Ed.

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Revolt Against the Orange Overlord in MI Primary

So I got this email from a friend:

DailyKos founder Markos Moulitsas asked us to forward this message to everyone
we know in Michigan. If you'd like to comment on this plan, visit:
Dear Michigan Friend,

We're not going to beat around the Bush. If you want to help make mischief for
the Republican Party - and bolster the Democrats' chances for taking the White
House this November - read on!

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I Think the Song Goes: "Aaaaand When, Will We Ever Learn?"

To bed, silly people! But:

As I've been reading and posting here today, no fewer than three military (trust me, I know the sound) helicopters have flown over my staid, quiet suburb of a not-politically important stretch of burb.

I can't help but wonder: it's all on my tab, no? That is, what does it cost to suspend a 0000000$ military helicopter presence over my head, my neighbors' heads, this night? Every night? And at the cost of what else? Read more about I Think the Song Goes: "Aaaaand When, Will We Ever Learn?"

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Polls, Results and Voting Machines in NH

C'mon, it wouldn't be me if I didn't post this. So I guess a lot of folks are wiping egg off their faces this morning? Heh. I have no real insight into "what the results mean," except to say Never Count Hillary Out. For a lot of reasons. Our good friend Brad continues on his one man crusade to document the irregularities of videopoker voting. Just keep it in mind, OK? Read more about Polls, Results and Voting Machines in NH

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Barry Obama - American gangster

Since we’re talking about Obama. I couldn’t figure out why my spidey sense won’t let me accept this. I ask my self Xenophon, old boy, is this just hateration??

To which my self responds in true Chicago fashion, that motherfucker couldn’t beat Bobby Rush. And the number one law in Chicago is we can always take this shit to the streets. Capone, Daley, Washington, Hampton, Hoover, Fort, Jones, Rostenkowski, Emmanuelle all great Chicago politicians have a touch of the streets. Not Obama. Why couldn’t a Columbia, Harvard educated (He never mentions Charles Hamilton Houston, hmmm) law professor beat a mumble mouthed COINTELPRO refugee? Read more about Barry Obama - American gangster


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