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Environmental Apocalypse

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Oil FAIL: Major Bad Changes Deep Below...

[Normally I wouldn't sticky a mere pointer post. However, it's MonkeyFister, and this is an important story, so... Go read! And just for grins, I added the BP live feed to the bottom of the page. --lambert]

Major changes happening at BP Disaster site:

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Post-Apocalypse Now!

The picture book.

Not coming to a theatre near you soon. Not this one, anyway....

United Artists Theater - Detroit, MI

Falwell Building

Michigan Central Station Read more about Post-Apocalypse Now!

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Black Water Rolls

I’ve grown up in Florida. Since I was a small child, I have spent countless hours relaxing on beaches, airboating through the Everglades, and 4-wheelin’ in various marshes and Mangrove swamps. I have an immeasurable love for the local natural environment.

Perhaps because of all that, I’ve mistakenly taken the beauty of this glorious state for granted. When I’ve heard of disasters occurrin’ in other fragile ecosystems, I suppose I was guilty of “it’s not gonna to happen to me” syndrome. How friggin’ naive. Read more about Black Water Rolls

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Oil: Deepshit Horizon, Jack 2, and Other Disasters...

Black waves. We're in serious trouble.

The "Drill, Baby, Drill" crowd needs a thorough collective punch in the fucking throat. This is an unmitigated disaster of epic proportions. How many more like this must we suffer to keep the Teabagger's SUVs on the road?

I sincerely hope that President Obama rescinds his Executive Order opening up new Off-shore Drilling areas. The yields are negligible, the risks are enormous. I'd also like to see this Administration hold BP's rights to lease-renewals hostage to make them fully pay in a responsibly timely manner. Read more about Oil: Deepshit Horizon, Jack 2, and Other Disasters...

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End of April Fleur Show, with Adorable Critter Co-Gardeners

Welcome to Spring, Correntians! It's here, for all we're still getting a tad frosty at night. Normal Warning: lots of pics, long load for dial up folk. Read more about End of April Fleur Show, with Adorable Critter Co-Gardeners

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Greenpeace Can't Quite Believe that Instead of a Live Pony, It's Getting Dead Whales

Via John Caruso (and do read his entire hilarious and depressing post), Greenpeace tries to rally support to urge Barack Obama to step in and save the whales from Barack Obama. I actually feel sorry for them. Betrayal isn't any fun. Plus, it's really bad for whales and other living things.

But, hey, at least now maybe Japan will continue to help finance our bailout of Wall Street and our on-going wars! Read more about Greenpeace Can't Quite Believe that Instead of a Live Pony, It's Getting Dead Whales

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On Neoliberalism and False Dualities

This essay is very good and I'd encourage you to pass it around, but it likely has too many big words and doesn't have shiny flashy stuff in the sidebar, so I doubt I'll be able to get many folks to read it. Still, this part struck me especially:
Read more about On Neoliberalism and False Dualities

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Sunday Morning Movie Review: Avatar

By now everyone who isn't living under a rock has heard about the new movie "Avatar," a very visually impressive movie that is a testament to just how hard it's going to be in the future to tell "real" from "fake" on glowing boxes everywhere. I've seen it twice now, and given how rarely I get to go out to the movies, I thought I'd share my thoughts and get your reactions. Bottom line: go see it. For no other reason than this: it pisses off Republicans. Be petty for once, and know there's a good chance you may even have a good time. Read more about Sunday Morning Movie Review: Avatar

Weak tea from the EPA won't clear the black waters of coal country

While a new article in Science confirms what anybody driving through coal country can see,

our "new" EPA decides to be 50% less evil than the old one:

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Guerrilla Gardeners Gone Galt, or, "Beyond Food Production Thunderdome"


So it's true: I'm a troll. The worst kind, too: condescending, pedantic, annoying, concerned. I guess we all have our failings, and these are mine. But so long as I'm going to be a purist, I have to rant like one. I like eating and I bet most people do too, that's my "motivation" here.

Hoss asks why urban (commercial) [not/for profit] {large scale/vertical} non-residential gardening is worthwhile. I was a good grrl, I didn't lose my cookies, immediately. But it's Saturday and I'm relaxed and silly, so this comment made me have a Sad: Read more about Guerrilla Gardeners Gone Galt, or, "Beyond Food Production Thunderdome"

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Goddess E has just one of many examples of how the SuperFreaks mostly write dumb books filled with generalizations and incorrect, unscientific conclusions. FWIW, I never thought "Freakonomics" was very impressive or persuasive. It annoyed me that my Republican gf thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, when she read it. It annoys me more that she's not alone. Read more about SuperFreakingStupid


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