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Gaslight Watch

How the Republicans manipulate terror threats for political gain.

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On what planet is Mike Bloomberg a liberal?

What is David Holmes talking about?

Earlier today, below a very evil-looking photo of a very rich Michael Bloomberg, Politico published a list of the top ten political donors of 2014. And much to the glee of conservatives, the two biggest spenders by a mile were hedge fund partner Tom Steyer and ex-New York mayor Michael Bloomberg — both supporters of predominantly liberal causes.

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The Unit in My Pants Exploded Prematurely!

My partner was very disappointed, but after reloading we will try again in a half hour.

That model won't train.

Not without "the best educated guesses of smart human analysts". Read more about The Unit in My Pants Exploded Prematurely!

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What Alex Pareene still has not figured out about 2008

Forgive me for linking to this ridiculous Alex Pareene article about a possible Hillary run in 2016; but something needs to be said.

Obama didn't win in 2008 because of his oh-so-brilliant campaign. He won because he lied. Obama is the biggest con since Enron. Read more about What Alex Pareene still has not figured out about 2008

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"I Guarantee You. Flat Guarantee You."

"President Obama will under no circumstances agree to put your retirement at risk by privatizing Social Security, and he will reject any plan that slashes Social Security benefits."—Obama Campaign “Truth Team,” October 6, 2012 Read more about "I Guarantee You. Flat Guarantee You."

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Former Reagan Official Questions bin Laden's Involvement in 9-11

Two very different bin Laden clones (Veterans Today) Read more about Former Reagan Official Questions bin Laden's Involvement in 9-11

Death by Media: Radioactive Days

I woke up Sunday AM and by habit, tuned in to CBS news radio. The dulcet tones of news guy Harley Carnes related how radioactive bluefish tuna swam all the way from Japan to our west coast. And then he told us not to worry; the fish were perfectly OK to eat since the added radioactivity was only 2% of what occurs naturally.

You first, Harley.

I tried to find a verifying transcript, but all I could locate was this thread comment on an obscure site:

but harley carnes on kcbs said it was ok to eat, according to the "official"

so, num,num

sushi anyone

If you listen closely, you can hear an elite "Haw haw haw!!" from Versailles. Read more about Death by Media: Radioactive Days

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Leaky Koch Disease


So an insider has unceremoniously dumped a number of internal documents from the Heartland Institute, a Koch front group. And it's a doozy. People are making a fuss over the "controversy" based climate denialism, but that's so obvious, it's not what intrigued me. Read more about Leaky Koch Disease

Comment of the day

On the DU thread entitled Why is the lie that we needed 60 votes to pass a public option so widely accepted here, sppears a one-paragraph explanation of the last two and a half years:

Claudia Jones

67. Democrats prefer to lose

Oxymoron of the Day

I just got an email entitled

Fighting back


Sent By:
"Harry Reid" On: Aug 08/15/11 12:14 PM

Ya gotta love it. Read more about Oxymoron of the Day

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Burying the lede in an unmarked grave

Maybe it's just me, but something seems hinky at Well, not just them; I haven't caught a single mention of Sean Hoare's conveniently timed death in the American media.

Anyway, a picture is worth a thousand words:

Re-he-heally? Okay, how about today?

Read more about Burying the lede in an unmarked grave

American Psycho

What kind of drooling sadist would make an ad like this and then turn around and stick us with an insurance company bailout once he took office?

I guess it's the same kind who made up a debt crisis and is using it to gut what's left of the New Deal, and just to rub it in, told us it's time to eat our peas. Read more about American Psycho


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