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Haves, Have Nots, and Have Mores

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The Fake Social Security Solvency Crisis Is Congress's Fault!

Ah.... my fellow Americans, be very, very, afraid of the terrible Social Security crisis that will sink us as a nation. According to Government projections, we won't be able to pay full Social Security benefits, in 2037 and beyond, unless we cut benefits now, because the Social Security “Trust Fund” will be short of money.

Joe Bageant, 1946 - 2011

Will Georgia Be The Next Show Me Your Papers State?

Americard by Ian Geldar
In Georgia legislation has already passed the House which out-does Arizona for pure spite, and cracker meanness. GA's Brown Codes, as some are calling them, would...

  • codify the racist slur "illegal alien" into state law
  • make it a felony (1-5 years in prison) to look for a job with any false ID. Second offense 3 to 15 years.
  • make it a felony (3-15 years) if that ID was of an actual person, living or dead
  • make it a misdemeanor (up to 1 year in prison) to give an undocumented person a ride, a felony for more than 7.
  • obligate law enforcement officers, school principals, health care professionals and others to ascertain the citizenship of everybody they come into contact with
  • grant any yahoo with a computer and legal forms standing and free discovery to sue any state or local government official or unit of local government that fails to enforce the Brown Codes with exemplary rigor.

A call to all Correntians!

I am sending this out in the hopes I can get ideas for signs from all of the creative people here for our rallies in MI tomorrow and Wednesday. I'm having a severe case of writer's block! The governor's name is Rick Snyder, and the legislation is worse than WI, allowing him to effectively dissolve elected entities like cities and schoolboards, as well as cancel all contracts, all done by an appointed entity (which could even be a private company) with NO cap on salary! In addition, he has dropped taxes on MI corps, and raised taxes on the elderly and poor/middle class! What scum! Read more about A call to all Correntians!

Now NY Guv Cuomo Declares War on Brain-Damaged Babies (I kid you not!)

Some politicians kiss babies to posture their likability and trustworthiness.

Other politicians, like NY’s new Governor Andrew Cuomo, will rob them, infant victims of medical malpractice, of necessary, minimal, long-term medical coverage.

Cuomo wants to put a $250,000 lifetime cap on medical compensation for brain injury to a child caused by medical malpractice. This may sound like a lot of money, but in the course of a lifetime, medical bills being what they are and what they will undoubtedly climb to, it is very likely far from adequate. Read more about Now NY Guv Cuomo Declares War on Brain-Damaged Babies (I kid you not!)

Teachers and Oscars

When I was a young actor, I used to fantasize about winning a Tony or an Oscar. I'm guessing most young actors have done this. In my acceptance speeches, I always thanked my teachers. Sometimes I would choose one, but most of the time I included my 4th grade teacher Mr. Hoekema who picked me to narrate the Christmas Play for Dutch Day at the Chicago Museum of Natural History. Also Mr. Meyer who cast me as Helen Keller my first year of high school when I didn't even know what a play was. My undergrad drama teacher, Mrs. Boeve, was probably the biggest influence on my life. Read more about Teachers and Oscars

"Can we swap Obama for Chavez"?

“I Wonder What the Emotionally Arrested Rich Are Doing Tonight?” (Thomas Frank’s Take)

Thomas Frank has an article in the February issue of Harper’s entitled "Servile Disobedience" well worth a read. I am sure Frank is not the only member of the non-elite class in America who at some point wistfully has envisioned the members of the privileged class breaking down and actually exhibiting empathy for us poor slobs struggling in the merciless economic quicksand they created for us. There is the rub.

Frank doesn’t mince words:

“The rich are different from you and me. They are ruder and less generous. They don’t get what others are thinking and apparently they don’t really care.

... People don’t craft poisonous collateralized debt obligations by calling on what they learned in Sunday school.”

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Even Foreclosures on the Rich are Different: They Don't Have to Move Out

Even the wealthy can get in over their heads, real estate-wise. But if you default on a seven-figure mega-mortgage in the 90210 zip code, you're a lot less likely to end up on the sidewalk. In fact, you'll probably be able to continue living in the house -- rent and tax free -- for years!! Read more about Even Foreclosures on the Rich are Different: They Don't Have to Move Out

Illinois' Best

Lincoln wouldn't be your first choice to accompany you to a party, even a political party.

By all accounts, he was a dark brooding man although not so much is written of his disposition prior to the death of his ethereal love, Ann Rutledge. Despite his hatred of slavery, he eventually married Mary Todd, a slave owner's daughter, after an on-again-off-again courtship. After the nuptials were scheduled, his answer to a casual question of his intended whereabouts was:

“To hell, I guess.” Read more about Illinois' Best

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Chris Hedges and Ralph Nader Nail It To the Wall


This is just a quick hit, but I think Chris Hedges' article from 1/3/11 nails it (with a big assist from perpetually controversial Ralph Nader). (Please note: I am committed to non-violence. I don't know if Hedges is or not, but I do think we can take our country back peacefully.)

Here is a choice excerpt: Read more about Chris Hedges and Ralph Nader Nail It To the Wall

Obama & Congress Indifferent to Growth of Hunger ("Except Insatiable Hunger of Rich for More Wealth")

Patrick Martin writes:

In a society which took seriously the value of human life and the future of its children, the spectacle of 50 million people at risk of hunger, including 17 million children, would be a social emergency. Given that the United States once boasted of its ability to feed the planet, the indifference to the growth of hunger at home is a national scandal.


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