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Green Party's ‘Doctor’ Stein: Hippocrates not Hypocrisy

Dr. Jill Stein is the Green Party front runner for President.

She is a graduate of Harvard Medical School.

She has over 25 years' experience as a doctor.

Dr. Stein campaigned for single payer health care when she ran against Mitt Romney for governor of Massachusetts in 2002.

When asked about the mandate and Obamacare she explained that whatever the outcome determined by SCOTUS:

…, Americans will still be stuck with an expensive, ineffective health care system that fails to provide quality health care to all Americans.

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GP's Jill Stein: Obama’s 'Loose War Talk' Is Replay of Bush

Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein is disturbed by the ever-escalating efforts of Obama and members of Congress to launch a war with Iran.

She asserted today:

“A hallmark of a Stein administration will be respect for international law and a rejection of the Bush doctrine of preemptive war that Obama and his party have come to embrace. The interests of the American people are not served by illegal attacks on other nations based on hypothetical future transgressions.  Yet President Obama is threatening Iran with attack by saying that 'all options are on the table'. It’s a terrible replay of Bush's run-up to the invasion of Iraq over the mythical weapons of mass destruction.”

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The Wisdom of Jill Stein, Green Party Presidential Candidate

Steve Horn of Truth-Out recently interviewed Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein. I have compiled below some compelling excerpts from it.

But first, some biographical background on Jill Stein:

Dr. Jill Stein is a mother, housewife, physician, longtime teacher of internal medicine, and pioneering environmental-health advocate.

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Jill Stein NYT Interview

I hope there are more of these in the future.... Read below the fold...

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So I met Jill Stein last night…

There was a little meet and greet session with her in DC while she was in town supporting the various Occupy actions this week in DC.

And I have to say, she was pretty awesome. The event was open to anyone, no guest list or anything. She reminded me a little of Elizabeth Warren; very likable and energetic with this really sincere warmth about her. No ego AT ALL. There were no handlers, security personnel, etc. You could literally just reach over, tap her on the shoulder and introduce yourself. By far the most open and approachable politico I’ve ever met. Read below the fold...

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WWMLKD? Occupy Baltimore protesters arrested at site of a proposed juvenile detention center

I've come to loathe MLK day.

Erased from our memory of the 1963 March on Washington is the fact that it was really called "The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom"; something that our beloved Job Creators™ have successfully have thrown down the memory hole.

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Great Interview with Green Candidate Jill Stein


This was the first time I've heard a candidate speak and said to myself "This person gets it!"

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Lo-Fi Aloha

I guarantee taking 4 minutes to watch this will improve your day.

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Ohio Voters Reject Senate Bill 5, Obamacare; Mississippi Defeats Anti-Abortion Amendment

Ohio voters last night voted overwhelmingly against both Republican and Democrat corporate-favoring policies in a referendum. Senate Bill 5, passed by the Republican-dominated legislature and signed into law by Republican governor John Kasich, was shot down by sixty-one percent, too large a margin for the GOP to rig the vote count in its favor. Read below the fold...

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City to restrict #OccupyBaltimore to 2 protesters a night

2 protesters does not make much of an occupation, does it?

Plus, this take down won't make as much exciting video compared to tear gas & pepper spraying; though effective nonetheless.

When I try to tell people how sleazy, subtle, underhanded, sly, smart, and dangerous the Dems from Maryland are, they never understand. This is the kind of stuff they pull.

City Hall declares Occupy Baltimore's camping illegal Read below the fold...

Report, #ows: My Midnight Run to Zuccotti Park (to the REAL Sons & Daughters of Liberty) [Part 2 of 2]

[Part 1 of 2]

Part 2 of 2:

My activist friend, our young occupation friend and I left McDonald’s and walked the length of the sidewalk to the end of Zuccotti Park to Charley’s. The rain had stopped completely. Read below the fold...

Report, #ows: My Midnight Run to Zuccotti Park (to the REAL Sons & Daughters of Liberty) [Part 1 of 2]

Less than 24 hours ago, sitting in a NYC Barnes & Noble cafe, a message popped up on my laptop from one of my brothers in California alerting me that there was a crisis with the Occupy Wall Street protest. Mayor Bloomberg was demanding the park be evacuated at 7am Friday morning for cleaning and some “NEW RULES” to be applied to the occupiers thereafter.

My mailbox began to fill up with alerts from a number of political organizations whose mailing lists I had somehow made it onto.

I checked the correntewire website and a headline urged anyone who could to get to Zuccotti Park by midnight. One of its links warned about possible arrest and advised bringing something to help recover from pepper spraying. Read below the fold...

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The other potentially historic Progressive race in MA


Check this out from FDL:

Last year, Mark Miller ran for state representative with the Green Party in Massachusetts. In a two way race with a Democrat, he got 45% of the vote. Now, after that same Democrat got appointed to another job, he’s running again. The election is October 18, and Mark has already received the endorsement of the nurses’ union, the UAW, and Planned Parenthood, among other people and groups. He’s also raised more money than anyone else in the race (there are four candidate this time).

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Freedom Plaza, DC Photos: Day 2

Here are some pics from Friday. I'm tired, so I don't have much to say.

Saturday will be a big day.

Nader is supposed to give a speech around noon-ish.

Glenn Beck will be in town on Sunday, so it'll be a good day to piss him off.


Barack Obama does not care about black people


They're here too. Read below the fold...


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