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Heroines and Heroes

Occupy Austin live stream

The General Assembly at the occupation of Austin City Hall will be live streamed tomorrow at 3pm: Live stream from Occupy Austin Read below the fold...

Report, #OccupyAustin: General assemblies

For several days I have been meaning to update you on what's happening in Austin, TX. Between RL and pre-event GA activities I've just been too damm busy.

Tomorrow Today is the big day for Occupy Austin. Starting at 10am the 99% is occupying the City Hall block, with a General Assembly planned for 3pm CST. The Assembly will be live streamed at a link you can find on the OA web site. The AFL-CIO is showing up in support. Most people attending seem to be under 30, but the number from all walks of life in terms of age, gender, class, and vocation has grown with every GA. Read below the fold...

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#OccupyWallStreet's One Demand

h/t David Swanson

On September 21st, 2011, Troy Davis, an innocent man, was murdered by the state of Georgia. Troy Davis was one of the 99 percent.
Ending capital punishment is our one demand.

On September 21st, 2011, the richest 400 Americans owned more wealth than half of the country's population.
Ending wealth inequality is our one demand.

On September 21st, 2011, four of our members were arrested on baseless charges.
Ending police intimidation is our one demand.

On September 21st, 2011, we determined that Yahoo lied about being in spam filters.
Ending corporate censorship is our one demand.

Read below the fold...

Former S.L. mayor Rocky Anderson divorces himself from 'gutless' Democratic Party

Well, Rocky just sent the Ds a "Dear John" letter. The best part for me was this:
"Though he doesn't have plans to run for office, Anderson said he would be interested in working with others to form a new party." Read below the fold...

Cenk Uygur Says No Thank You to Insider Cronyism and MSNBC’s 'Manufacture of Consent'

As far as I am concerned, it is a time for celebration.

Cenk Uygur escaped this week with his soul and his scalp from MSNBC. One way of celebrating may be to take a sledge hammer to your television. Just a thought.

I so wanted to dig into an angry blog about MSNBC, its false-left propagandizing of the Trojan Horse for oligarchs, Obama, its demonizing of only half of the Congressional rabid rat bastard criminal political class in Washington, and its attempt to neuter Cenk of his search for and assertion of truth to power.

But, alas, I had totally stopped watching MSNBC when Rachel Maddow so heartbreakingly jumped the shark a serious while ago by becoming head cheerleader, part time sycophant, for Obama. Read below the fold...

Remembering Peter Falk for Columbo’s Takedowns of High Functioning Sociopaths

I want to acknowledge Peter Falk’s passing this past week in light of his Columbo TV character’s being a POPULIST icon.

I celebrate him for Columbo, relentless nemesis to the Gucci’d “above the law” types who tried to use power and money to cavalierly escape responsibility for profound crimes against humankind. Read below the fold...



48 hours of talkback.

Maybe some day we can do this. Read below the fold...

Can Dennis Kucinich Transcend the Dem Party and Primary Obama? We Need Him and He Needs Us!

(531 Obama-dumping days until 2012 election-Hugh's Obama's Scandals List)

Kucinich is one of the VERY few in the belly of the beast -- that horror chamber of mostly profoundly pimped out and betraying representatives -- who is still asserting truth to power.

Can Americans of conscience stand behind him seriously enough to create a ground swell for the 2012 Presidency? Can Kucinich transcend a political party that has so profoundly sold out the welfare of millions of struggling citizens? Read below the fold...

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Trumka: A Labor movement for the people, not for politician or party

In a major speech today, AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka outlined a vision of what a true labor movement should be. Read the speech here:

We have listened hard, and what workers want is an independent labor movement that builds the power of working people—in the workplace and in political life.

Working people want a labor movement strong enough to help return balance to our economy, fairness to our tax system, security to our families and moral and economic standing to our nation. Our role is not to build the power of a political party or a candidate. It is to improve the lives of working families and strengthen our country.

Read below the fold...

Albert Brooks’ Novel Take On Our Future

Just got to enjoy Albert Brooks live and in person pitching his new futuristic novel, 2030, The Real Story of What Happens to America at an uptown B&N in NYC.

Brooks arrived at the bookstore just after an appearance on The Daily Show. He announced we were the first B&N stop on the tour, and that by the time he got to B&N in Tennessee he would have it down better if anyone wanted to trail him there.

There was a good turn out and if I hadn’t had the time wrong, it was 7:30pm not 7pm for his appearance, I would have missed hearing him and been relegated to the crestfallen people out of ear shot beyond the glass doors of the author conference room. Brooks upon arriving at the podium indicated those people behind the glass, “What ... they got diseases?” Read below the fold...

In honor of Mother's Day:

UPDATE Lambert adds:

Mother's Day was originally started after the Civil War, as a protest to the carnage of that war, by women who had lost their sons. Here is the original Mother's Day Proclamation from 1870, followed by a bit of history (or should I say "herstory"):

The proclamation is from Julia Ward Howe: Read below the fold...


Jingoism Aside, The REAL Sons & Daughters of Liberty Are In The Green Party!

(567 Obama-dumping days until 2012 election-Hugh's Obama's Scandals List)

Some members of the Manhattan Greens compiled the comparative issues checklist below. I have also included thereafter some platform stances made by Howie Hawkins in 2008 while running for Governor, a statement taken off the national Green Party website about the profound economic inequality in America, and a list of the 10 key values of the Green Party. Read below the fold...

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Just some photos from the "Heart and Soul" concert tour.

Hello this is my first post here, just a cross-post of something I wrote last night elsewhere. Far more social than political but I've often had something political to say, just not lately. Jut a little note to say "Hello."

It was Wednesday evening and I went to see Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart at Madison Square Garden. Since that show I spent a bunch of days working on a New York Philharmonic presentation of Sondheim's Company. The Broadway revival was so great that I'm already having trouble remembering the rock concert, at least the second half is fading. Read below the fold...

Jim Hightower: "Two unreasonable Women"


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