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Rendell is undermining Pennsylvania single payer legislation

Ed Rendell promised to sign Pennsylvania single payer legislation if it passed; but apparently he never expected his bluff to be called:
Pennsylvania’s Single Payer Health Care Bill - 4113th Edition

Governor Rendell of Pennsylvania has a Health Bill before the Pennsylvania House of Representatives called Prescription for Pennsylvania.

This bill is losing support with only 8 sponsors as of this writing.

HB 1660 currently has 35 sponsors.

Why is HB 1660 superior to Prescription For Pennsylvania?

HB 1660 guarantees health care protection for all Pennsylvanians thus delivering quality, comprehensive health care.

Rendell’s plan does not.

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Connecticut C.A.R.E Free Healthcare Clinic in Hartford

A bit of video from Countdown on Dorgan, Dodd, the Senate supermajority and the Free Clinics: Read more about Connecticut C.A.R.E Free Healthcare Clinic in Hartford

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NOW Namby-Pambies In

More horrors from MadamaB's mailbox: NOW has weighed in on the Health Insurance Reform Bill. Here's the action they're pushing:

Please send a message to your senators and House member asking them to assure that restrictive abortion language in health care reform legislation be withdrawn, that a strong public plan is included, that age discrimination is removed, that better cost control measures are included and insurance is made truly more affordable for everyone.

Or what, NOW? You're going to cuddle them to death? You're going to stop saying "pretty please?"

I am so tired of these women's organizations not having the ovaries to say, Read more about NOW Namby-Pambies In

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More nonsense about national regulation

Jon Walker at FDL

My strong hope was that the House bill would follow Medicare. It has a national exchange that is funded directly by the federal government. There is national regulation of the insurance industry, and a nationwide public option. The House bill also provides for greater subsidies and higher actuarial value plans. I can envision how the public option and national regulation would help keep costs down, and make this national exchange a decent place to buy insurance.

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Messaging Madness, FireDogLake Edition

I admit it, I signed Firedoglake's "kill the bill" petition, and due to that momentary burst of enthusiasm, I am now on the FDL mailing list.

Today I received this gem in my Inbox:

Hi MadamaB,

You were one of almost 40,000 activists who signed our petition to kill the Senate's bill - thanks so much for your support.

While the Senate's terrible health care bill passed early on Christmas Eve, the fight is far from over. Each chamber of Congress has to vote for a final bill that has yet to be shaped. At that point, President Obama's signature will deliver the final word on health care reform.

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Letter to the Editor: health care deform is a mess

Vallejo Times-Herald

I did not sign anyone's petition to urge senators to vote yes on health care. Why? No one allowed room for comment. They knew this health care mess is wrong, and will cost We, the People more. I did not agree with the descriptions or statements. Here are my comments:

The health care game is a walnut shell game designed to bail out the insurance companies with new-by-force enrollees, some 33 million. This bill requires nothing of the insurance companies that they cannot circumvent by charging more. It sacrifices the needs of women. It sacrifices the needs of the people. It is not the most economic approach. That would be single-payer.

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Health Insurance Mandate vs. the U.S. Constitution

By David Swanson

Does the United States Constitution allow Congress to force people to purchase a product (health insurance) from a private corporation, and fine them or tax them if they refuse? The answer is a matter of debate, but there is little dispute that such an act of Congress would be unprecedented.

Sheldon Laskin, an Adjunct Professor at the University of Baltimore Law School who has argued that the Constitution forbids such a move, describes the new and dangerous can of worms it would open up: Read more about Health Insurance Mandate vs. the U.S. Constitution

How we killed health care, and how we can bring it back to life

America has at least 36 million uninsured citizens. Unpaid medical bills are the leading cause of personal bankruptcy. Approximately, 45,000 Americans die every year because they don't have health insurance. Read more about How we killed health care, and how we can bring it back to life

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Two Extreme Lowlights of the "Bipartisan" Senate "Healthcare Reform"

If it gets any more Bipartisan this Healthcare Reform bill will be issuing hunting permits for your quota of women entering and leaving women's health clinics.

Because this is supposed to be a bipartisan effort to fix healthcare and all, and that is all the left really wants to do is to fix it so people have access to Doctors in this healthcare reform. First a word from our regularly scheduled people that respect women and their rights: Read more about Two Extreme Lowlights of the "Bipartisan" Senate "Healthcare Reform"

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A Health Care Fable

Okay, so imagine you're running a company. You call four of your employees into your office: Baucus Bill Bob, Stupak Stupidity Sam, Public Option Pete, and Single-Payer Sue.

"Peeps," you say, "I have this problem. The company makes a life-saving product called "Say Aaaaah!," but it's really expensive and it doesn't reach enough people. Also, depending on where the product is distributed and to whom, it isn't always of the highest quality. I want it to reach everyone in the United States, and I want it to be a whole lot cheaper; in fact, I want to save money on production if possible. And, I want to make sure that production standards are consistently high.

Get back to me in a year with your proposed solutions. If I don't like them, you're fired. If I like them, you're promoted!" Read more about A Health Care Fable

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My Report from the New York Health Care Forum

On Sunday, I attended the New York Health Care Forum, hosted by Physicians for a National Health Care Plan. The panelists were Dr. Oliver Fein, Dr. Leonard Rodberg, and Dr. Martha Livingston, co-editor of 10 Excellent Reasons for National Health Care. Dr. Livingston (yes, I know) was kind enough to agree to be interviewed by yours truly, so do stay tuned for that. If her presentation is any indication, it will be a doozy! Read more about My Report from the New York Health Care Forum

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Health Care Reform Panel Discussion NYC this Sunday

From Healthcare-NOW!:

Health Care Reform Panel Discussion: Where Are We Going? Where Do We Need to Go?

Join us for this forum with Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) and guest, Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York’s 4th District (Queens).

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Freelancers Unterbussen

Got this email today from the Freelancer's Union in New York, which is about the only option me and my freelancing colleagues in IT, online and print writing, graphic design, etc. have for affordable health insurance. No surprises here.

What annoys me is that the union took so long to figure this out:

Unfortunately, federal legislation, as drafted, will put freelancers’ options for affordable health insurance at risk by taking away our right to group together the way traditional employees do.

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No, Mr. President; I'm not in the Mood

Missing in action -- for the most part -- for months, now, Michigan congressman and preeminent liberal John Conyers has refound his spine and opened his eyes. It seems that, lately, the aforementioned congressman has found the -- what is the word I'm looking for....errr...ummm...audacity -- yeah, that's it -- audacity, to bring the Obama administration to task on its failings:

WASHINGTON – U.S. Rep. John Conyers of Detroit has been on the warpath lately when it comes to decisions made by President Barack Obama. And he says the president has contacted him to ask why.


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