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Race Matters

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Our Amazing Language!


Apparently, there's a non-racist way to liken a black man to a "banana-eating jungle monkey." (via) Read more about Our Amazing Language!

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"The black man did it"


Yet another crime committed by a fictitious black man. I'm not prejudiced, but fictitious black men do seem to get into a lot of trouble.

"Common sense or racism?" asks the linked AP article, of the evident heightened credulity when a supposed assailant is described as black.

That's pretty enlightened framing, as is this quote from Bucks County District Attorney Michelle Henry:
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Some Guys Just Gotta Be Jerks


Like Dallas PD, which I've complained about elsewhere, needs another a$$h0le in the public eye, one popped up Thursday to stop a man from making it to his wife's dying mother's bedside.

No biggie, you say? Happens every day, you say? All cops are jerks, you say?

Well, this time the black man being stopped -- who admitted going through a red light en route to the hospital -- is a backup NFL running back for the Houston Texans, and the Dallas PD has put the jerk on administrative leave. Read more about Some Guys Just Gotta Be Jerks

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Not Even a Close Call


Regarding this:

Jon Keller is right:

"I don't think it's even a close call - this vile New York Post cartoon is racist and deplorable, as is the fact that the Post's alleged editors thought it was OK to print and are defending that decision instead of abjectly apologizing."

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About Those White Supremacists . . .

The Southern Poverty Law Center has been showing an increase in the number of these groups for a quite a while. They are not confined to the Old Confederacy. SPLC hate group map. Current SPLC Intelligence report. 2008 summary. You can subscribe to the report and search their archives. I recommend. Read more about About Those White Supremacists . . .

OK, I've decided. I'm voting for the Republican.


Yo! Barack! That would be you, cuz gawd-only-knows what John McCain is, even if he did steal your rightful label from you.

My vote, it's not going to be for you, nor for me either. Who it will be for....

My Dad. Read more about OK, I've decided. I'm voting for the Republican.

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Monday Nite Lo-Fi Racemusic Blogging

I hate headcolds. Anyway, hope you all are having a good harvest. Here's some planting of the seeds of the future, yesterday, muscially speaking:

I also love the next two songs/numbers in this movie, but I figured one race-traitor lo-fi offering was enough for one night. Read more about Monday Nite Lo-Fi Racemusic Blogging

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I reappropriated my post

Lambert de-front-paged my post about the Confluence's response to the whole quoting-Liebowitz-on-the-mortgage-meltdown brouhaha, and I understand why he did it even if I don't at all agree, and it is his site. So I hope he'll leave me the liberty of linking to a version of the post that I've put on my own personal blog, where I used to do this sort of thing on a more regular basis. Read more about I reappropriated my post

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Subprime lending and minorities

[Welcome, href="">Crayfisher readers. --lambert]

There's lots for me to criticize in this Confluence post about the relationship between race and the subprime market, including a certain amount of PC policemanism which I am not at all averse to inflicting. Let's just say that it's pretty much well known around both here and there that my threshold for a racism accusation is a lot lower than theirs, and for that reason, the PUMA phenomenon as a movement seems rather tone-deaf to me about race issues. Read more about Subprime lending and minorities

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Racing in Denver


[update: fixed the link, sorry about that] Fear and Loathing (or not) in Denver:

Another pause. Then: "If Obama wins, I just hope that black people don't start thinking they're superior."

You all can hate on me for this, but I really wish we could discuss this more here. If this doesn't hook you, try this, from the same post:
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Sister Souljah, the Cadillac welfare queen, and the fears of white people

Very recently, this thread on Clinton Derangement Syndrome erupted into flame over Bill Clinton's famous Sister Souljah Moment when I mentioned it as a possible cause of dissatisfaction with him felt by some people (me included) during his presidency. You know, things were different then, and we never imagined things could get this bad. Ah, the memories. Read more about Sister Souljah, the Cadillac welfare queen, and the fears of white people

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Sociology in the News - The Beginning of the End of Mass Incarceration?

Bruce Western

Another post as part of my social justice series.

Bruce Western - of Punishment and Inequality in America fame - hopes so (via Chris Uggen ) in this article in the Boston Review.

"The British sociologist T.H. Marshall described citizenship as the “basic human equality associated with full membership in a community.” By this measure, thirty years of prison growth concentrated among the poorest in society has diminished American citizenship. But as the prison boom attains new heights, the conversation about criminal punishment may finally be shifting.

For the first time in decades, political leaders seem willing to consider the toll of rising incarceration rates. In October last year, Senator Jim Webb convened hearings of the Joint Economic Committee on the social costs of mass incarceration. In opening the hearings, Senator Webb made a remarkable observation, “With the world’s largest prison population,” he said, “our prisons test the limits of our democracy and push the boundaries of our moral identity.”

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