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Republican Looting

The Ronald Reagan We Remember, And Not So Fondly


It would take an entire library to move the mountain of fake history spun around the life and career of Ronald Reagan by now. Sometimes only a cartoon can approach the truth.

Aaron McGruder, in this intro to a Boondocks episode of a couple years ago, comes as close to capturing a piece of the mean and nasty spirit of the Gipper as anybody ever will.

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Lends a whole new meaning to the term Selling America Short

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Republican Congressman hires campaign workers, blames Obama

Complaints about Obama drive 11 percent surge in Tiahrt's office spending

In a year when he was saying government needed to tighten its belt to get through the recession, Rep. Todd Tiahrt increased spending on his taxpayer-funded congressional office by 11 percent, federal records show. ...

... A little more than half of the $196,000 of Tiahrt's increased staffing cost went to five people who also got salary and/or expense reimbursements for working on Tiahrt's Senate campaign, election disclosure forms show. Four of them recently were named members of Tiahrt's campaign leadership team.

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Regulation: So Last Century

You won't be surprised to learn of even more change you can't believe in.

Meet the newest addition to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. If you've been reading Mother Jones recently, then you already know quite a bit about Scott O'Malia. Like the fact that he once worked as a top in-house lobbyist for an energy company, Mirant, that manipulated California's market Enron-style. Or that, while on this company's payroll, he lobbied against a bill to expand the CFTC's authority to police derivatives. Or that the Senate Agriculture Committee, which reviewed his nomination, declined to ask him any specific questions about his pro-deregulation lobbying on not one but two occasions.
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Dems' Crash Investigators: Not From Wall Street

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Rep. Paul Ryan proposed health care deform attacks social security

Milwaukee Business Journal

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Janesville) is introducing a proposal Wednesday that he says would establish universal health care, shore up Social Security and Medicare, and provide a simpler alternative to the current tax code.

JindalCare is JEB!Care

Medicaid program on skids, Jindal says
But wrangling persists as remedies planned
Saturday, November 15, 2008
By Jan Moller

BATON ROUGE -- Arguing that "doing nothing is not an option," Gov. Bobby Jindal on Friday proposed restructuring Louisiana's health-care program for the poor into a private insurance model that relies on managed-care principles to control costs and improve health outcomes.


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Whither Thou, Nov 5th?

This is likely the wrong blog to ask this kweshun, but I'm still curious. For the sake of argument, let's say Obama wins, very clearly and obviously in your own mind. And let's say that somehow, insert your own 2000 redux here, "they" (try to) take it away from him, via Brooks Brothers riots and SCOTUS foolishness and other sundry undemocratic methods. What is your response, if any? And why? How would it be different than if HRC had had it stolen from her? Or the candidate of Your Choice? Read more about Whither Thou, Nov 5th?

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The Final Stages of the Coup: Larissa Knows

Seeing as how Lambert seems intent on stealing all my post ideas today, I'll post this in case like me, you don't often go to HuffPo. It's worth noting that Larissa used to live in Russia, and knows from Coup. Beyond all the bullshit, she speaks plain truth.
Read more about The Final Stages of the Coup: Larissa Knows

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What Message To Obama and The Democrats?

This post is largely an attempted response in the form of a summation to the long comment thread Lambert"s "Roubini" post of yesterday continues to produce. I have used so many tags because this crisis is the sum total of all the Bush/Republican/Rightwing shit we've lived through for the past eight years, and the similar shit stretching back to Nixon and Reagan. Read more about What Message To Obama and The Democrats?


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