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Republican Looting

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The Final Stages of the Coup: Larissa Knows

Seeing as how Lambert seems intent on stealing all my post ideas today, I'll post this in case like me, you don't often go to HuffPo. It's worth noting that Larissa used to live in Russia, and knows from Coup. Beyond all the bullshit, she speaks plain truth.
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What Message To Obama and The Democrats?

This post is largely an attempted response in the form of a summation to the long comment thread Lambert"s "Roubini" post of yesterday continues to produce. I have used so many tags because this crisis is the sum total of all the Bush/Republican/Rightwing shit we've lived through for the past eight years, and the similar shit stretching back to Nixon and Reagan. Read more about What Message To Obama and The Democrats?

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McCain's Mansions

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Nothing against Youth, but


I'm all for ambition and entrepreneurship. After all, they are supposedly what "Makes America Great". But occasionally maybe we should step back for a reality check.

For example, do we really want our government buying ammunition from freshly-minted con artists?

"MIAMI - A Miami Beach man says he is not guilty of defrauding the Pentagon under a contract he had to supply ammunition to forces in Afghanistan.
Twenty-two-year-old Efraim Diveroli entered the plea Monday in Miami federal court. Diveroli remains free on bail.
Prosecutors say Diveroli's company, AEY Inc., provided banned Chinese-made ammunition to forces in Afghanistan and claimed it came from Albania. Read more about Nothing against Youth, but

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Defending Medicare

Kevin Drum

This would be the same Medicare Advantage that supposedly harnesses the power of the free market to operate more efficiently, yet still requires sizeable subsidies because it costs considerably more per person than good 'ol big government Medicare. What's at issue here is cutting those subsidies so that private Medicare costs only a little bit more than standard Medicare instead of the whole lot more that it costs now.

But that's not in the cards. Forcing private insurers to operate as efficiently as the federal government is apparently asking too much of the GOP's free market acolytes. Better to cut doctors' fees instead.

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John McCain's City Of Satan: Responding to Attacks of Barack's Pastor


That City of Satan? That would be Washington D.C., according to Senator John McCain.

Yes, that's right.

The city where is found the seat of our democratic republic, where we have located The White House, the Congress, and the Supreme Court, the city where are found our monuments, those devoted to Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln, those reminding us of our wars, even as divisive a war as VietNam, where those who demonstrated against and those who demonstrated in support can go and contemplate the cost of all wars because the name of every American life lost in the war is carved in granite, the city where are housed our founding documents, where we gather the artifacts of our American culture, yes, that city is, for John McCain, "the city of Satan." Read more about John McCain's City Of Satan: Responding to Attacks of Barack's Pastor


Krugman has good perspective on Bear, Stearns ("If you can keep your head when all about you / are losing theirs and blaming it on you...")

When push comes to shove, financial officials — rightly — aren’t willing to run the risk that losses on bad loans will cripple the financial system and take the real economy down with it.

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Saturday Book Club: God's Profits

It's a busy weekend for me, but I hope folks get a chance to check out what sounds like a Most Excellent book about religion in America today. Posner looks to have done some great research, and the Alternet excerpt is especially useful, on this day when 'religious voters' in the Black community are on the verge of handing Obama a needed victory. "And what does it profit a man to gain the whole world..." heh.
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Why? Because they're all thieves!

Typed in from the Guardian, week of 11/16/2007:

A governmental audit of the Ronald Reagan presidential library and museum has failed to account for 80,000 to 100,000 items of White House memorabilia. Auditors the disapperances from the complex in Simi Valley, near Los Angeles, indicated the "near universal" breakdown of security.

Hey, freedom's untidy! Read more about Why? Because they're all thieves!

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Get a load of this:

The head of the federal agency investigating Karl Rove's White House political operation is facing allegations that he improperly deleted computer files during another probe, using a private computer-help company, Geeks on Call.

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Remember When 100 Billion Dollars Seemed Like A Lot Of Money?


The response, the world leaders portrayed in Austin Powers gasped in disbelief. Hell, when I watched it I thought to myself, “now that’s a lot of money.”

But that is nothing in this age of Bush Administration spending. Now, in the Global War On Terror, a request for supplemental appropriations in the amount of $190 Billion is par. Read more about Remember When 100 Billion Dollars Seemed Like A Lot Of Money?

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The Problem: Lobbying Ed.

Once, His Lordship the Grey One put up a post comparing stats for his Mighty Blue Implement of Power and that of some Potter fanzine site. The difference was truly Awesome, and the Potterites showed what "dedication" and "popularity" really look like in online communities/causes. In that spirit, I offer the following. Do read the whole thing:
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"Please only vote once" unless it is for Republican Values

A multimedia explosion of GOP Family Values. And this is just for two thirds of 2007.

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$200B Gets You a Lot of "Cozy Cottages"

I'm sure you've probably seen this disgusting story about next year's destination for The Internation Male Leather Circuit party embassy in Iraq, but one part caught my eye. I'm going to be angry like the Grey One today I think, and frame anything like this in the following: "...and Harry and Nancy think you should pay for this!" Isn't war grand?
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